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  1. Hopefully I can be 2x undefeated. Username: Alexa
  2. Taking offers. It's worth 100 donor pts.
  3. Anyone can have a feed like this Zero, just gotta screenshot your drops bro.
  4. Could use an update on certain items and theres a few new items to add.
  5. Thread updated.
  6. How to start: Click The Mining Symbol and than click Mining Guild Talk to the Mining Instructor: Price List: Tin Ore: 2,170 Exp Level: 1-15 -2 Copper Ore: 2,170 Exp Level: 1-15 -2 Iron Ore: 3,430 Exp Level: 15-30 -3 Coal: 4830 Exp Level: 30-40 -4 Gold Ore: 6,412 Exp Level: 40-55 -20 Mithril Ore: 8,820 Exp Level: 55-70 -64 Adamantite Ore: 13,384 Exp Level: 70-85 -93 Runite Ore: 21,170 Exp Level: 85-99 -461 Profit: 45,219,490 GP Star Dust: 23,021 Exp Level: 80-99 -480 Profit: 26,520,000 GP Where to Find: Quest Tab Under General Information What it looks like:
  7. To get started click on the Runecrafting skill to teleport to the Runecrafting area. Talk to Wizard to purchase the required talismans. Right click the talisman and select the locate option (you will be teleported to the altar). Wizard Distentor Wizard Trade him to purchase pouches Trade him to purchase Talismans NOTE: These are BASE EXP Rates. No bonuses such as Well of Goodwill have been applied. Air Runes Mind Runes Water Runes 1 Runecrafting 2 Runecrafting 6 Runecrafting EXP: 138 EXP: 161 EXP: 172 Earth Runes Fire Runes Body Runes 9 Runecrafting 14 Runecrafting 20 Runecrafting EXP: 195 EXP: 241 EXP: 281 Cosmic Runes Chaos Runes Nature Runes 27 Runecrafting 35 Runecrafting 44 Runecrafting EXP: 402 EXP: 517 EXP: 586 Law Runes Death Runes Blood Runes 54 Runecrafting 65 Runecrafting 77 Runecrafting EXP: 818 EXP: 1,100 EXP: 1,598 From level 40 onward you want to begin Siphoning energy sources. Use the Runecrafting teleport to get to the energy sources. When siphoning you will receive Energy fragments. These fragments can be used in the Runecrafting Store (speak to Wizard Distentor) to purchase pouches which hold Rune/Pure Essence. There are 3 pouches: Small pouch - Holds up to 3 extra essence (Price: 400 fragments) Medium pouch - Holds up to 9 extra essence (Price: 750 fragments) Large pouch - Holds up to 18 extra essence (Price: 1100 fragments) Requirement: 40 Runecrafting EXP: 2,000 per siphon (Base EXP Rate) You will need food in your inventory because the energy sources deal damage. I take an inventory of brews so I don't have to back as often. This is the fastest RC EXP you can get. Siphon the yellow energy source from levels 72 - 99. Requirement: 72 Runecrafting EXP: 4,700 per siphon (Base EXP rate)
  8. You can start Farming by clicking on the Farming skill All required items for Farming can be purchased directly from Martin the Master Farmer (including seeds). Secateurs - Are used to cure plants and keep them healthy. Watering Can - Required to start the growing process. Seed Dibber - Used to dig a hole for the seed to be planted. Rake - Used to remove weeds from patch/allotment. ( --> At level 1 plant a Potato seed on the Allotment (as seen in the GIF below) --> Once you've harvested you'll be able to plant using all 3 patches, the Allotment, Herb Patch and Flower Patch (Refer to each section for more detail in the spoilers below). Once you've reached level 85 you should be plating the following for maximum EXP: Torstol on Herb Patch Strawberry on Allotment White Lily on Flower patch It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds, 5 minutes 40 seconds for Strawberry Seeds for an Allotment to fully grow and be harvestable. Rake the Allotment to get rid of weeds Use seed on Allotment Use Watering Can (8) on the Allotment Wait 7 minutes and 30 seconds for your allotment to finish growing, then harvest It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds for a Flower to grow. Rake the Flower patch to get rid of weeds Use seed on Flower Patch Use Watering Can (8) on Flower Patch Wait 7 minutes and 30 seconds for the flower to grow, then harvest. It takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds for Herbs to fully grow. Rake the Herb patch to get rid of weeds Use seed on Herb patch Use Watering Can (8) on Herb Patch Wait 4 minutes and 30 seconds for your herb to grow, then harvest.
  9. Today is definitely your day bro haha. Insane ammount of luck
  10. Asking: 1.5b Lowest I'd take is: 1.25b Pm me in-game: Alexa
  11. Yeah but what about when sneaky cunts try to do sneaky things ? Lol we all deserve to see the things people post on here. That's the point of a forum
  12. Indeed bro
  13. That progress is awesome broski. Keep up the grind