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  1. I feel like the inferno should be getting fixed right now its all about rng... without tbow u can't complete it there is no way for newer players to complete. make it so u dont have all monsters spawning at the same time, First the ´ranger and mager, after that the jad then once the boss reaches a certain amount of hp the healers should spawn, after that ranger and mager again. and if this would end up being added make sure there is enough time inbetween spawns,
  2. pking needs allot of love x) great suggestions tho!
  3. agree with is but it would probably end up getting added into donor zone monsters only if it does :))
  4. dont agree already to little bosses in wild great idea make ppl enter wild hehe already asked for this @mage bank anything else i more or less agree with
  5. that would be a great alternative to the banking, maybe have a ring of bosses for outside of the wilderness, and then some other ring 'same stats' ring of wilderness that only works within the wilderness and notes all drops u get
  6. don't agree with the following- These are just some more op weapons/gear to make this already easy bossing server more easy and afking. Should be BIS melee, and anguish BIS range, then also add occult BIS mage. Wouls decrease allot of rare/ultra rare items. the other suggestions are alright
  7. Quick suggestion. Ring of bosses shouldn't bank items when u are killing any monsters in the wilderness, u can go kill anything in wild without risking anything meaning pkers cant profit at all..
  8. fully agree with this wilderness needs hard rework!
  9. Going make this a post on its own because i don't feel like allot of people are seeing it, had previously added this to my old suggestions. Some nice and clever ways to make wilderness interesting. Add a place where u can maybe place bounty's on people in the wilderness? don't think i have seen this in any server... for example, I keep killing 'Athos ;)' and he is getting tired of it because he wants to kill the new wilderness boss! have a npc (maybe named durial321) where u can go and deposit cash on someone as a bounty think this would be fun and interesting. Wilderness hot spots for example west dragons yield double,triple blood money for x amount of hour(s) 2max, A new wilderness boss that is located deep in the wilderness with high risk high reward, add a couple in multi and maybe 1 in a single area. Buff the standard spell book it is so bad right now, u cant even get the god staff's (sara, zamorak, guthix) add the new osrs spells *surge* that uses wrath runes. Just give people a reason to enter the wilderness and you will gain a boost in players if pking is somewhat working in the state that it is in right now all the pkers that now what they are doing dont stay unless they have money or also enjoy pvming but i have seen many players leave because they know pking doesnt work like this... all i am really ask for is just a fixed pking system and fast :cry: Also if you haven't already read my suggestions all the way to the top please take you're time
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