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  2. Not saying that its a bad thing not doing weekly updates, its just some things that are really broken should get fixed asap because it can destroy the experience for other people, for example you can wear max negative mage bonus and still hit 20's+ with mage and you will never splash.. Its just my own opinion that i post ofcourse, something game breaking like that needs fixing asap
  3. Ok short topic, This server is really nice and could turn into something big.. This server has so much staff, getting so many donations.. Most of the staff is nice, thats how i feel about them. But work on it.. i see smaller servers out there with half the staff and 1/10 of the donations putting in more work and weekly updates id like to see that here aswell. I can almost guarantee that almost the whole player base thinks the same about this. staff is gonna disagree.
  4. yes we need wilderness rework, give the server variety
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  6. As you all know the wilderness is kind of dead.. one of the reasons is because you don't gain anything good from doing pvp or any wilderness activity. I got couple of suggestions that could change this problem, the server is already great the way it is but.. having an active wilderness would make it even better! I am not only suggesting these things for myself but for all my fellow pkers out here! 1: First suggestion is most of the wilderness bosses aren't good money at all u could go and kill low lvl monsters in safe areas for better loot lets be honest.. So what i would say is buffing the wilderness bosses drop table give them some unique and profitable items, as i would suggest the lower the wildy lvl the lower the reward, also u could maybe add bosses that are already in safe areas also in wildy areas, with a different and unique drop table ´not sure if its possible´ but im sure there is a way 2: right now when you kill a player u get blood money and it would take ages to buy any good items from the blood money store.. so i would suggest buffing the amount of blood money gained per kill, or decrease the prices of the store. 3: The blood money store again right now all those items in that store are already obtainable in a different way so a thing you could do is add items that are only obtainable from PVP activity, like killing your target or saving enough blood money. 4: Try and have automated FFA events every 2-4hours if possible ofcourse, and instead of trading over items from admin accounts, make a shop for that, called something. like FFA shop and the top 2-3 getting points, 1ste getting 10, 2nd getting 5, and 3rd place getting 2 and try to add some cool items to that recoulering stuff maybe 5: a good thing you could do is add wilderness slayer and scatter all those npc's over the wilderness and make them a decent money maker for newer people. like make them drop pvp armours and other usable items for pvp and pvm this is a update for both pkers,pvmers. 6: Right now i also see that there are many high price items that u lose over smaller items, example would be if i bring in ghrazie rapier that is clearly worth more them dragon claws still id lose the rapier over my claws this could scare away people from the wilderness especially if they don't have allot of money. 7: Make killing targets worth it right now there is no reason to kill targets, make them drop extra blood money or a key something that could yield high level items. 8: the revenant's drop table could also use a little rework, as far as i know they only drop the wildy weapons statius helm? and pvp relics, the revenants are already deep wild so buffing there drop table would definitely get people to go there to pvm! and give them a 100% drop rate on some cash that would attract newer players. 9: Maybe @mage bank you could add npc's that have a chance on dropping the highly wanted mage cape's 2 and dont make these capes buyable trough donating or boxes .. and give those npc's also some nice other items to drop. not rly needed but add tp commands to hot spots like: ::easts, ::wests, ::mb Positive effects from these updates: gaining a higher player base, gaining more money to manage the server, easier money makers for newer people, gives variety to the players, and more can't think of them right now Negative effects from these updates: because wildy is high risk high reward some popular pking spots like revs would be camped by high lvl players and they could complain. Popular spots might be camped by clans only if many pkers start joining: Thank you all for taking you're time reading this hopefully i can get a few pieces of this content added into the game! If any pkers read this and you have suggestions please put them in this post aswell! Love you're best pker <3 jk someone is better