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  1. Welcomeeee! Hope you have fun slaying the bosses here as well!
  2. Thanks for the updates! Excited for the Christmas event!
  3. Good idea, will help active players buy/sell. ~ Mr Virus
  4. Welcome Jordy! Hope you enjoy the server! Feel free to message me in-game to get acquainted
  5. Welcome! I've seen you around a couple times. Hope you enjoy the server! ~ Virus
  6. Thanks for fixing the donator bug, good update with the staff not having to add players in order to reply (makes it faster, effective, and convenient!), Thanks for the updates! ~ Virus
  7. Damn, very impressive loot! Keep it going man! Best of luck! ~ Virus
  8. Best of luck on your future endeavors. Have fun and take care! ~ Virus
  9. Great Update, excited to see the buffs in action! I want that cape! ~ Virus