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  1. best of luck to everyone! let's the best voters win +very nice rewards
  2. Thx sweeney
  3. Great update lets keep this up
  4. I made this 2 singatures to show some of my skils so gl on the giveaway if you want to join it
  5. i gonna do a singature give away Check Here to see it and join it
  6. thx guys and yeah virus let me fix some lvls and lets go boss together
  7. welkom to simplicity and enjoy your stay
  8. i wil make you one for free if i have some time left send me a pm and tell me what kind of singa u need
  9. Hello everyone, as you can see my name is DarkChild. Im a new player of Simplicity. its a really good server so far as i can see great staff great players a good eco. About myself: Im DarkChild. Im 21 years old. Playing rsps for more then 10 years. My day job are website developer. I also do somethimes GFX design just for fun. ( For the players who wants, i have a own gfx pack. if you want it send me a PM and i give you it for free.) I like to go fishing, And the thing i Love the most,is helping people. you can also find me on Dicord: DarkChild#1016 I look forward to meeting you all in-game DarkChild.
  10. if you play FIFA 19 on Playstation 4 let me know may we wil play a match one time
  11. Keep Fighting And Never Give UP...........