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  1. So following on from Iron Trees achievement topic, I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the pets that you can collect from Simplicity in this how and where to find guide. Skilling Rift Guardian - RC Rocky - Thieving Giant Squirrel - Agility Rock Golem - Mining Heron - Fishing Beaver - Woodcutting Tangleroot - Farming PVM Crawling Hand - slayer Tower teleport under dungeon teleports 3rd column 3rd down Rock Crab - Monster Teleports TzTok-Jad - Fight Pit/Fight Cave Teleports or for 300k tokkul from the Gem store near the Tzhaar minion teleport under monster teleports Olm - Raids Teleport Tzrek-Zuk - Inferno found in gen store at home, also found in Varrock west of ::home2 tp King Black Dragon - Boss teleport top left or ::di Slash Bash - Boss Teleport under kbd tp or ::di Tormented Demon - Boss Teleport under Slash Bash or ::di Bork - Boss Teleport under Tormented Demons or ::di General Graardor - Godwars/Bandos Commander Zilyana - Godwars/Saradomin K'ril Tsutsuroth - Godwars/Zamorak Kree'arra - Godwars/Armadyl Frost Dragon - Boss Teleports 2nd column 2nd down, says they are wilderness but they arent or ::di Green Dragon - Player Killing teleport East Dragons/West Dragons or ::di Bandos Avatar - Bosses 2 teleport top 2nd column Baby Blue Dragon - Taverly Dungeon, use the pipe to the right then south,you can also get the pet from Blue Dragons Barrelchest - Boss Teleport bottom of column 2 or ::di Lizardman Shaman - Boss Teleport Bottom 3rd Column or ::di Chaos Elemental - Player Killing Teleports - Rogue Castle (Wilderness Boss) or Boss teleport 2nd column 3rd down Corporeal Beast - Boss Teleport 3rd Column 3rd down Dagannoth Supreme - Boss teleport 3rd Column 2nd down Dagannoth Prime - As above Dagannoth Rex - As above Kalphite Queen - Boss teleport top of 3rd column Phoenix - Bosses 2 teleport Top of 1st column Nex - Bosses 2 Teleport under Phoenix Cerberus - Bosses 2 Teleport under Nex Skotizo - Bosses 2 Teleport 2nd column next to Cerberus Kraken - Bosses 2 Teleport bottom of 2nd column Giant Mole - Bosses 2 teleport bottom of 1st column Vorkath - Bosses 2 teleport bottom of 3rd column Ice Strykewyrm - dungeon teleport 2nd down 2nd column Desert Strykewyrm - As above Jungle Strykewyrm - As above Venenatis - Bosses 2 teleport 2nd down 3rd column (wilderness boss) Scorpia - bosses 2 teleport 2nd down 2nd column (wilderness boss) Wildywyrm - Random locations around the wilderness Hydra - ::hydra
  2. Thank you Arthur, Supreme and all the devs for making this an awesome update
  3. Very nice, very nice indeed
  4. Good find Kooda
  5. Glad you added my suggestion to a new npc Totally agree there should be more up there. fully support
  6. Oo yay finally I might beable to do it now Ty ty for the guide
  7. If you are going to report a member of staff you need to send evidence to another member of staff
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  9. Fully support