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  1. Pixie Joe

    Sweeeeeeet there is a typo on Soulsplit though
  2. Pixie Joe

    Thanx Athos for looking after my thread and updating it
  3. Pixie Joe

    Agree with you on this
  4. Pixie Joe

    Fully support your ideas Mak
  5. Pixie Joe

    Has this been resolved?
  6. Pixie Joe

    What does it say when you try to log in to the alt accounts?
  7. Pixie Joe

    Staff are already able to do this
  8. Pixie Joe

    #Notonyournelly. Sorry Bernard but being a trusted mm is totally different imo. I like you but I dont think its a good idea
  9. Pixie Joe

    Omg Graham is coming back - was nice knowing you Arthur & Supreme, lets hope he can remember the commands now
  10. Pixie Joe

    Nice one congrats, Im like Foly I havent had a drop from zulrah yet
  11. Pixie Joe

    You haven't contacted any other staff member to talk to us?
  12. Pixie Joe

    Youre going blind boss Black Dragon - Taverley Dungeon Teleport King Black Dragon - Boss Teleports 1st column top Abby Sire - Boss 2 tps 3rd column 3rd down Baby Blue Dragon - Taverly Dungeon, use the pipe to the right then south,you can also get the pet from Blue Dragons
  13. You were banned by me for rwt, youll have to see if admin will let you back ingame but from me its a no
  14. Pixie Joe

    I have your winnings Jonni D, been trying to get on the same time as you lol
  15. Pixie Joe

    So following on from Iron Trees achievement topic, I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the pets that you can collect from Simplicity in this how and where to find guide. All pets are cosmetic except Superior ones like Vorki, Olm and Zuk, which are highlighted in this colour. Superior pets give a constant soulsplit effect when they're out, so you're able to use protection prayers but still get the effect of soulsplit's healing as well Skilling Rift Guardian - Runecrafting (only from making runes, not siphoning) Rocky - Thieving Giant Squirrel - Agility Rock Golem - Mining Heron - Fishing - afk fishing is the best way Beaver - Woodcutting - afk woodcutting is the best way Tangleroot - Farming PVM Crawling Hand - Slayer Tower teleport under dungeon teleports Rock Crab - Monster Teleports TzTok-Jad - Fight Pit/Fight Cave Teleports (you buy with 300k tokkul from the gem store near the Tzhaar minion teleport under monster teleports Great Olm (Olmlet) - ::raids Tzrek-Zuk - Inferno npc in the general store at home or at ::home2 Slash Bash - Boss Teleports Tormented Demon - Boss Teleports or ::di Bork - Boss Teleports or ::di General Graardor - Godwars/Bandos Commander Zilyana - Godwars/Saradomin K'ril Tsutsuroth - Godwars/Zamorak Kree'arra - Godwars/Armadyl Frost Dragon - Monster Teleports or ::di Green Dragon - Wilderness Teleports (East/West Dragons) or ::di Blue Dragon - Taverley Dungeon through the tunnel at the beginning (no agility needed) Baby Blue Dragon - Taverley Dungeon through the tunnel at the beginning (no agility needed) Black Dragon - Taverley Dungeon Bandos Avatar - Boss Teleports King Black Dragon - Boss Teleports or ::di Abyssal Sire - Boss Teleports (IN WILDERNESS) Barrelchest - Boss Teleports or ::di Lizardman Shaman - Boss Teleports or ::di Chaos Elemental - Boss Teleports (IN WILDERNESS) Corporeal Beast - Boss Teleports Dagannoth Supreme - Boss Teleports Dagannoth Prime - Boss Teleports Dagannoth Rex - Boss Teleports Kalphite Queen - Boss Teleports Phoenix - Boss Teleports Nex - Boss Teleports or ::nex Cerberus (Hellpuppy) - Boss Teleports Skotizo - Boss Teleports Kraken - Boss Teleports Giant Mole (Baby Mole) - Boss Teleports Vorkath (Vorki) - Boss Teleports Ice Strykewyrm - Dungeon Teleports Desert Strykewyrm - Dungeon Teleports Jungle Strykewyrm - Dungeon Teleports Venenatis - Boss Teleports (IN WILDERNESS) Scorpia - Boss Teleports (IN WILDERNESS) Wildywyrm - Many locations around the wilderness, check ::events to see when it spawns/quest tab for locations Hydra (Ikkle Hydra) - Boss Teleports or ::hydra Tekton (Tektiny) - ::tekton, check ::events to see when it spawns! ToB (lil' zik) - ::tob Pet Dracula - Halloween server event November 2019, earned by killing dracula
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