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  1. great guide well set out and easy to understand cheers for making it
  2. decent guide thanks for taking the time to do
  3. Mandi

    Solo Tob

    Great guide look forward to testing it out later today cheers for the effort you made
  4. amazing guide , will help many players has helped me
  5. Owner Arthur Have spoken with a few times always polite and friendly Supreme Not spoken with but seen on a few times Co-Owner Kevin Well this guy where do you start is a very active person both in discord and on the server, great owner with a funny sense of humour Manager Dutch now this guy makes me want to log on daily always friendly and has be consistent and fair when sorting out drama on server he does not play favourites always helpful Lewis hmm well now this a great guy we have had many disagreements etc and he always still treats me fair thanks for always being great Global Administrator - Administrator Justin Always helpful very active great to chat with in discord voice never seen him abuse powers etc goes out of his way to help everyone Khalid the server dj ftw Athos great to chill with in help cc always fast to help everyone there Mak3 cool dude to chat with in discord very active there Global Moderator Bigzy very active and helpful when needing thread numbers Moderator Rapiid ags one of the very active people helped loads when i 1st joined Shiftynex always helping people fast to respond to pms etc Server Support Nealth great guy to talk with in discord voice seriously makes u laugh Trial Support Bernard just recently met seems nice so far Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  6. Here is a skill breakdown for people chasing achievements Please Comment If This Was Helpful Or If You Want More Guides Agility Climb An Agility Obstacle Climb 50 Agility Obstacles Cooking Cook A Salmon Cook 25 Rocktails Cook 1k Rocktails Crafting Craft A Pair Of Leather Boots Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies Craft 1k Diamond Gems Craft 1k Amulet Of Glorys Cut A Onyx Stone Farming Harvest A Crop Harvest 10 Torstols Harvest 1k Torstols Fishing Fish A Salmon Fish 25 Rocktails Fish 1k Rocktails Firemaking Burn A Oak Log Burn 100 Magic Logs Burn 2500 Magic Logs Fletching Fletch Some Arrows Fletch 450 Rune Arrows Fletch 5k Rune Arrows Herblore Mix A Potion Mix A Overload Potion Mix 100 Overload Potions Clean 1k Torstols Hunter Catch A Young Impling Catch 5 Kingly Implings Catch 100 Kingly Implings Mining Mine some Iron Ore Mine 25 Runite Ores Mine 2k Runite Ores Prayer Bury A Big Bone Bury 25 Frost Dragon Bones Bury 500 Frost Dragon Bones Runecrafting Runecraft Some Runes Runecraft 500 Blood Runes Runecraft 8k Blood Runes Smithing Smelt A Iron Bar Smelt 25 Rune Bars Smelt 1k Rune Bars Summoning Infuse A Dreadfowl Pouch Infuse 25 Steel Titans Infuse 500 Steel Titans Thieving Steal A Ring Steal 140 Scimitars Steal 5k Scimitars Woodcutting Cut An Oak Tree Cut 100 Magic Logs Cut 5k Magic Logs
  7. knight there is a section of the forums for pointless threads feel free to post it there
  8. very handy cheers chris can you add the thread for best in slot items please
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