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  2. I would like to win a signature because I for one cant make it myself, and your work is dope. Also it makes me look like less of a noob (even though I am one) on the forums. Thanks and goodluck everyone!
  3. Hello Everyone! Vitale here posting for the first time! I've been playing Simplicity for 3 days as an Ironman, and so far i'm loving it. The server is somewhat challenging, has a great community and very helpful staff(shoutout 2incher for being a bad ass support). Some people may have other opinions, I could care less the hear them So here are my current goals: Obtain CCB from dung (25k points so far ) Full Armadyl and Bandos from GWD (No kills so far) MAX and complete all achievements to get completionist cape. My current progress and interesting drops are: 8 kill count SlashBash pet, yeah that's right.. 8 KILL COUNT. My current stats are as follows: Thanks for reading! Vitale