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  1. Hello everyone My name is Justin, or in game, I go by Noki. I've been here at Simplicity for a little while now, and seeing as I've never given an introduction and all the cool kids are doing it, I figured I would give it a go. A little bit about myself, I have a BS in Chemical Engineering from TTU, and employed as a Jr. Chem Engineer at a manufacturer of chemicals essential to water treatment, integrated circuit and electronics manufacturing, as well as pharmaceutical companies across the world. I'm an easy going, relaxed individual who has a love for RSPS, but a deep disdain for Jagex. I like to help whenever and wherever I can, as I have been around the block one too many times. If you see me online, feel free to ask a question if you are needing help. Thanks for taking the time to read this introduction, I look forward to seeing all of you in game. -Noki
  2. Great job! This will help many along the way of obtaining this feat!
  3. I fully support this. I would support being able to combine with more than just one boss cape, perhaps potentially stacking bonus + hidden bonuses? Great Idea nonetheless!
  4. This is a wonderful guide. Keep up the great work Mandi!
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