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  1. Here we go again, 800 hydra kills with another giveaway! make sure to check the description of the video!
  2. Work on delays on weapon switches/specs, as of right now its really hard to get a spec combo off. Fixing this might grab more attention to wildy and pking as its pretty dead out there. Also re-do the bloodmoney shop as most things in there is way overpriced compared to the GP price in POS etc
  3. Gratz everyone. And a big gl to Stormz ❤️
  4. I agree, nex does need a slight buff to the droptable
  5. +1 to get some more midgame content up and running
  6. +1 on this. Maxzone has better gp/hr then donatorzones do until onyx+
  7. Make rob not work in wildy. Either make it note your drops and put it in your inv automaticly or make a new ring called something like ring of wilderness. Add more wildy bosses like crazy archeologist that have the chance to drop odium and malediction shards Increase the ammount of bloodmoney you get per kill or lower the blood money prices. Change the drop table of most bosses so to get bandos you have to go to bandos godwars etc. to bring some other bosses back to life add subjugation robes and staff of the dead to K'rill Tsutaroth's drop table. subjugation is tier 70 mage armor and Staff of the dead is tier 75 staff and can be combined with trident to be toxic staff of the dead which is tier 85. Add armadyl battlestaff to commander zilyana's drop table. which is tier 78 staff with unlimited air runes. Add armadyl gloves and boots to Kree'arra's drop table, maybe even Armadyl buckler for another range base shield. Add bandos helm, gloves and shield to General Graardor's drop table. Change bandos godsword spec to be 50%. Change abyssal sire to not be in wilderness. add chaos fanatic to wilderness. Buff elite clue scroll rewards, maybe include elite box rewards in them or the boxes themself. Add Thermonuclear smoke devil boss that can drop occult necklace which will be the best in slot mage ammy. Add slayer master that only assigns wilderness task. Which should give you more slayer points per task and also bloodmoney. Add dragon javelins and buff the ballista. Make fighter torso easier to get, either by adding them to warrior/elite warrior boxes. add fighter torso to bloodmoney store. add amulet of torture to one of the wilderness bosses, new best in slot amulet. Buff zaryte bow to be the middle tier bow between darkbow and t-bow. (not as op as tbow obviously but still a decent middleground) Add imbued god capes to all wilderness bosses, maybe not best in slot but it shoul boost spell damage by 10% and have a 25% chance to save runes on cast. Fix the crystal demons (or whatever they're called) @dzone, so they always drop noted gems and have access to some off the mystery boxes. Right now there is no point in them existing. Add skiller tasks, kind of what the farming guild introduced. You can get a skilling task based on your stats, like make 200 super antifire potions and you would get skilling points from it which can be spent in a skillingshop. Buff the ::goldtree, right now ::afkzone is more money when you go afk. Add torva, pernix, virtus gloves and boots. Add kalphite king, we need more "duo-trio" bosses on the server, make it hard and give them drygores as drops. add ascension crossbow, best in slot crossbow on the server. Make the special effect be that instead of soulsplit having a 1/4 heal on your damage make it 1/3 and give it a high prayer bonus so you dont lose the prayer points as quick. Add blessings to clue drops, which also increase your prayerbonus. add a loyalty shop where you can buy some mysteryboxes or some cosmetics. Right now the points are pretty useless. add elder chaos druid top, bottom and hood as best in slot pure mage gear Add dragon throwing axe special attack
  8. +1. instead it should note the items
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