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  1. Simply said there are hundreds upon hundreds of these gloves from raids in the market and i suggest adding them to the well for a chance at other gloves(flame gloves(e)?). At this rate the gloves will be worth nothing.
  2. Tob is significantly harder than Olm while raids has: Arguably Better Rares(Olm's fire, Orb of Light), ability to solo, and WAY BETTER GP per hour at Elite boxes and regular at 1/40 etc. TOB has Elites and regular boxes at 1/320.... The Best Rare is Scythe of Vitur or verzik crystal shard?(merges scythe x and scythe for XI). The Verzik Cape needs 5 pieces each piece is 1/900 - Verzik cape is currently selling at 28-45b. This idea is just completely impractical these disks are worth so little I myself have 3/4 disks and no cape. I'd suggest Adding Scythe X into the table and hopefully some other rares.. I'm Currently 223 KC and TOB is not even close to the GP you could make at raids more consistent and honestly better rares. seems pointless to do TOB
  3. Skrub's tips for Comp: Is It Worth?: Undeniably Completionist is a grind and most achievements are time consuming but overall YES, for the experienced players looking for a goal. The rewards are not life changing but are very nice additions to the gameplay. Completionist Cape is AUTO-KEEP BEST PKING CAPE! Stats are only beat by Boss Capes with only +10 Defence in all stats ,+6 Strength and +5 Prayer. REQUIREMENTS: MAXED SKILLS (99 DUNG) + All achievements done List Of Achievements GENERAL TIPS: Almost every Easy achievement is continued on throughout the difficulties. For instance "Deal 1000 Melee Damage" up to hard task deal 100k damage. All PK achievements can be bought at home (Zenesha South Edge Bank). Loyalty Points CANNOT be earned at ::afkzone (For all Titles). 5k cannon balls at Demonic Gorillas, Giant Mole, Tormented Demons or just rock crabs. Using Infernal Adaze can burn magic logs while cutting(2 achievemnts at once) Mining Rune Ore With 3a Pick(99 mining req). YOU DONT NEED TO MAKE ALL SPIRIT SHIELDS(just make any 4). Enter the lottery at ::gamble. Order to kill GWD Bosses: Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl then Nex. You can only teleport once and that's to ::nex Catch 100 kingly Imps. DAMAGE TIPS: Use Combat Dummys at home for 100k melee and range damage. For magic most prefer to use Trident or Sang(no runes req). The Grind Achievements: REWARDS: Maiden of Sugadinti(Group Boss): 5k HP Fairly Easy Solo But Superior Pet is a big help. (When you see her orbs click the bonfire). Arthur's Dream II (Comp Zone): Sotetseg (1.5k HP) and Abyssal Walkers (600 HP)
  4. Agreed although comp cape has the benefit of being kept in wildy, I'd suggest some passive or teleports with the cape to add some more unique features. Such as allowing boss cape drop bonuses to be combined into comp cape. Thus rewarding players but keeping demand for boss capes +1
  5. I agree the Anguish needs a buff I'd suggest: Boosting Defence stats to +15 Small boost in Range Strength This would be a minimalist approach but Anguish(OR) is supposed to be best in slot item.
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