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  1. xxx9234

    Good job man, this is nice!
  2. xxx9234

    Good suggestions, i'm sure some of these are why there isn't a lot of PKers. -X
  3. xxx9234

    Would be interesting, i'd definitely give it a watch. Good luck! -X
  4. xxx9234

    I could do one, but i can't do animated ones. -X
  5. xxx9234

    Love this guide, thank you for putting the time and effort into this! -X
  6. xxx9234

    Awesome work my d00d, hopefully to see more signatures in the future! -X
  7. xxx9234

    Dang! 200gp for a Scythe, share some GP my man! Nonetheless, congratulations on Twisted Bow. Grinding sure does pay off in the long run.
  8. xxx9234

    Complete garbage nonetheless good job! -X
  9. xxx9234

    You're insane! Thanks for helping the community out, not too bad of loot either -X
  10. xxx9234

    Couldn't agree more. It's not that big of a hassle!
  11. xxx9234

    Ehhh, don't seem like it would really be THAT useful. I'd rather have development time getting spent on something far much better than that! -X
  12. xxx9234

    Wow, that sucks! I've tried it a few times until I looked up how much loot you're capable of getting and it's definitely just not worth it. LOTS AND LOTS of junk. Thanks for the grind though! -X
  13. xxx9234

    Awesome video, hopefully this will help bring in some new players as well. Good luck to all contestants!
  14. xxx9234

    Nice guide, will be really nice for new players!
  15. xxx9234

    I think a new place would be awesome. I think there should also be restrictions for teleporting to gamble, such as, a certain amount of time played & checking if you're actually a donator or not. -X
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