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  1. It would be very nice to add equivalent items to the wizard mysterbox and elite mysterbox in comparison to the other combat boxes. Nobody wants Wizard boxes for this reason and it makes mage look even worse.
  2. Making sanguinesti staff x and Scythe of vitur x droppable or at least craftable from the tier one vitur weapon. Making the x versions donator shop only promotes pay to win and that is not very healthy for the gameplay aspect of the game. considering, at the time of this being written, there are an estimated 5 sanguinesti staff xi's in the game.
  3. Vote points seem to only have value as selling on POS so you can make a quick buck. Adding more, and stronger, items to the vote rewards shop would make a need for rich players to buy votes and new players to make more money. Some items that could be added could be Nex sets, Magma Blowpipe, toxic staff of the dead, all osrs party hats and h'weens, hybrid sets (vanguard, trickster, and battle-mage) upgrade components to twisted bow, the scythe of vitur, and Sanguinetti staff. Those are some basic suggestions I'm sure more input would help balance this to make it healthy and a useful change.
  4. I think that adding a range and mage equivalent to turmoil would balance combat and create more item diversity along with making melee not meta anymore.