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    Hello staff of simplicity! My name is Erwin and i'm from the Netherlands. More than half a year ago i got an ip ban for scamming at gamble. i scammed a guy (dont remember his name) we did some flower pokers till he cleaned me. then i said lets do another game without even having the items.. he didt know because i was paying every single pot. i regret my actions and i miss this rsps very much. i understand the actions you guys have taken! you guys learned me lesson and i wont do it again if i can get another chance of proving that i can play by the rules. My IGN was: Mystery E and i had an iron man account but i dont remember the name anymore. so i would ask you guys to please give me another chance to play this awesome game with awesome people. and most important have a good time i dont want my accounts back or anything! i just want to make a fresh new start and follow the rules. I'm sorry for my bad writing and english, its not my strongest. Thank you for taking the time and looking in to this i joined discord if you want some more information just send me a message discord name: Pv Mer Greetings, Erwin (mystery e)
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