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  1. Tin

    Guardian Boots currently have worse stats than prims, not sure if it was an intended nerf, or a bug.
  2. Tin

    2x Boss Points is bugged/not working for Hydra, and it sometimes works at Raids. Every other boss seems to be fine as far as i've noticed.
  3. Tin

    I think the addition to be able to toggle run/walk with the Ctrl key would be appreciated by many. It's been a standard thing in RS for a long time. Would also greatly help in situations like Olm's Acid phase, or Hydra's Fire phase.
  4. Tin

    I was given a warning on the the whole Multi-Logging at server events, however, it was on an Iron Man, and a Regular account. I don't see how this is actually an issue if there's nothing to gain on an Iron Man.
  5. Tin

    Fake XP drops past 2 Billion XP.
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