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  1. Redwoods! Looks like a great update! So many updates being pushed out lately, keep up the great work!
  2. Agreed, there's a ton of "down time" during the 1st Crystal Phase. There not being any shadows to match where the crystals actually land makes it even worse.
  3. Light Sagittarian Set is currently only available through donations, and is untradable. What about being able to combine the Orb of Light(1/900 from Olm),maybe even more than 1, with a Sagittarian Set to make the Light Sagittarian Set? The Orb is already an incredibly expensive/rare item, and you would have the choice to either create the best ranged weapon in the game, or the best ranged armor. Edit1: The best armor in the game shouldn't only be available through spending real money, there should always be a way to earn something through actually grinding towards it. This promotes straying away from the pay-to-win aspect. Small suggestions like this, and the Completion Cape Buff suggestion, are small steps to lead the server away from that aspect.
  4. Currently, the Completionist Cape has better stats than the Max Cape, but less than a Boss Cape. There's really no incentive to currently wear a Comp Cape for those that have one. My suggestion is to give a slight buff to either match the stats of the Comp Cape to a Boss Cape, or maybe some other "hidden"/passive bonus to it. A Completionist Cape is such a huge time investment compared to just buying a Boss Cape. Give those with one, an incentive to show it off. Edit: Possibly add a 10-15% universal drop rate buff to it. Still gives you incentives to use a Boss Cape for Raids/Bosses. Edit2: Combine Comp Cape with Boss Capes? Would take boss capes out of the eco, increasing their value.
  5. Tin

    Ironman ideas!

    +1, Have my vote 100%.
  6. I know it's silly to nit-pick things, especially when the Donor Zone already has many benefits. But what about opening the gate/ creating a little path from where the ::di tele is, into the gated area? It's just a small QoL to save from running all the way around the fence. Edit: Possibly a 2nd teleport to di, such a ::diz/::di2, etc instead. Credit:Bionic Robot https://gyazo.com/42e398f342d3c9761661d9a449bf0a97
  7. I think the addition to be able to toggle run/walk with the Ctrl key would be appreciated by many. It's been a standard thing in RS for a long time. Would also greatly help in situations like Olm's Acid phase, or Hydra's Fire phase.
  8. I was given a warning on the the whole Multi-Logging at server events, however, it was on an Iron Man, and a Regular account. I don't see how this is actually an issue if there's nothing to gain on an Iron Man.
  9. Tin

    "Fake" XP Drops

    Fake XP drops past 2 Billion XP.
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