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  1. knightmarexz

    can u make a thread on how to make more pointless threads?
  2. knightmarexz

    Some of these are good suggestions. Wild is dead for sure. There's so many flaws in wilderness it will take a long time to fix it. I hope Rees sees this and does something at least about the common sense points which we all agree on (e.g. fixing pathfinding) I'd definitely help with suggestions and improvements if there was some evidence that the owner cared about the state of pking
  3. knightmarexz

    Damn I got clickbaited hard. Your title said $500 giveaway but there is no $500 giveaway
  4. knightmarexz

    There are PKers who prefer not to skill so by using your logic they should be able to buy their stats. Do you see how flawed that is?
  5. knightmarexz

    why is it possible to buy pk achievements? do you want pking to be dead?
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