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  1. I like this idea, half the time i'm just getting the notification and just have to yell "thank you" lol
  2. I would love to see the SoF added to the game, would make earning loyalty points / (w.e needed to earn spins) worth it to play more
  3. I totally agree, i don't like how sacred clay a second tier melee has 139 and dark clay as well, and the BIS gear for mage, doesn't have 139.
  4. Great progress, definitely an inspiration to all HCs' out there
  5. I agree, Maybe implement a "POS Time Limit" where items after a certain period (hours / days) could be sent back into the players bank after not having a success on selling
  6. Awesome fixes 🙂 new players are going to love to get back into Zulrah
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