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    I used a macro to kill bork for me. It was a mouse recorder. i originally started the server legit and i truly love it. i dont want to make excuses, but I would just like to explain what happened. I originally started using it because i went through surgery recently and tedious movements were really annoying at that moment. yeah cheating isn't justified, but i really wanted to be able to play. initially id only run it when i was at my pc, then i'd let it run while i was doing simple chores, then i'd start watching tv. Eventually i got so obsessed with it that id let it run while i slept. It was stupid of me to do it, and I apologize for it. I can honestly say I probably profited about 1t from doing it. If you are kind enough to unban me I do promise to never use it again, or use any other form of cheating in game. If you have any questions im more than happy to cooperate, and id love to give ideas on how to prevent a lot of macros server side
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