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    SO since nobody listens anywhere else and this is the only way i can voice my frustrations PATHING IS FUCKED PKING IS FUCKED PVP IS A JOKE HERE WEAPON PRICING/WEAPON STR BlOODMONEY Pathing- when i pull a spec weapon out. people run away and eat to full then stop moving so then my spec will go off??? why is that so broken Pking- people will teleport but get koed before teleport goes off so they die in safe zone = no loot PVP- in a nutshell people ONLY pvp with ffa/tournament they do not go to edge because there is NO reward.. HOWEVER if there is people in wild they camp full statius and untradeables. there is absolutely NO REWARD for pking. Weapons-- Since divines wonderful pk vid everyone and their fucking nan are using a SWH only as a spec wep... VLS/SWH 10-50m a piece.. hits more often and more accurate than a demonic ags and thats 500m+? Bloodmoney- Absolutely no point of it even being in the game as you get next to none per kill and everything in shop is overpriced and actually pretty cheap if u were to sell off something, no reward from pking.
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    honestly the pvp turnout was absolute garbage. ive begged for hours to find a fight but nobody even pks. i have no life recently all i do is simplicity and if its that hard to find a fight lol.
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    Owner Arthur Don't really know the guy but i do know he puts in lots of behind the scenes work all the time and always chimes in to yell or cc with a funny comment. overall i would say keep being you brother Supreme Honestly havent seen you around so i cant say much Co-Owner Kevin Where do i even begin? Kevin you got to be the funniest guy here i swear from the discord chats to events you host #1pk. youre a good guy. you dont take sides you get to the bottom of it and deal with it properly. Keep bumping raves with the boys. Manager Dutch Very helpful always offering his support to anyone. Friendly and easily approachable Id say hosts the best goodiebags on the server from the talk of the town! Lewis havent really seen you much except for goodiebags Global Administrator - Administrator Justin My man hops in discord with the livestream for anyone who wants! Funny guy always positive, havent seen him ever lose his cool Khalid Had a few chats with him seems to be like a great guy also hosts super good goodiebags ive heard! Athos youre a hardass on me but i appreciate what u do for the server , best iron man Mak3 Professional troll, i dont like being made fun of about my long pet kc.. All jokes aside. youre always going out of your way to help people and it does show! got a good sense of humor on ya too! Global Moderator Bigzy Caliss man tes beau! Hands down my favorite person of staff, not just because i can speak french to you but because we have some genuine conversations. i forget you have a rank because your so chill and down to earth. keep doing you bro i appreciate you Moderator Rapiid ags My man can't pk but he can definitely cook up a storm helping everyone in need. good guy! Shiftynex Always helpful whenever hes on. always asks if anyone needs anything before he logs. very helpful guy and easy to approach Server Support Nealth My man nealth is a beauty. super easy to talk to and has great conversations all the time. helpful when needed and a troll when feeling it. Very active and super friendly #discordgang Trial Support Bernard Well bernard bernard, i havent had much of a chance to talk with you but youre always reminding people to vote and telling people threads. promoting the server always and being friendly never arrogant with the new position. Congrats! Forum Manager - Forum Moderator EX TRIAL SUPPORT 5chris7 Where do i even start
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    So yeah i've been thinking on a few things that don't necessarily make sense to me. Blood money - EVERYTHING is ridiculously expensive and you get 100-400 blood money a kill... possible rework? would increase the activity in wilderness. People rely on FFA/Tournament too much IMO Donor Shop- EVERYTHING seems to be out of wack pricing with the points... All people buy is the $ scrolls to make their money back nowadays and an item worth 300 points is only 10b ??? seems highly strange to me Drop party - Why not code it so only people of mod+ can add to chest? i mean only admin can pull lever right?? Ancient wyvern shield - On osrs its a great magic shield. On here it has negative attack bonus and also comes from a hard boss to solo/ 2b item in shop to create it and its junk. Sarah- the banker in edge seems to disappears often and for example been over 36 hours and she hasnt been re added maybe have more than just 1 staff member able to add her back? Thats all for now! Thanks for reading
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