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  1. I think adding more game modes would be a great idea. Lots of people enjoy grinding out skills to reap the benefits, and many other servers have added this feature. It would be a great way to attract, and keep more people. As a lot of players get bored being able to max in less than a week. I know some people aren't going to agree with the drop rate boost for the gamemodes but there could be alternatives, such as master gets an op weapon that scales with their level. Or maybe double boss points, more slayer points per task ect ect. Let me know what you guys think in the poll. Example: Legendary: 25x xp rate, 1.5x drop rate boost Immortal: 10x xp rate, 2x drop rate boost Master: 2x xp rate, 3x drop rate boost
  2. As the title stats I will be posting all my goals and achievements in this topic. Achievements: Goals: I will make the goal green when obtained. Full Vesta Full Morrigans Full Statius Full Zuriels Full Torva Full Pernix Full Virtus Full Bandos Arma Crossbow Full Armadyl Any Spirit Shield All Spirit Shields Dragon Claws Abyssal Vine Whip Drygore Weapon All Chaotic weapons All Skotizo drops All Giant Mole drops All slash bash drops All Dagannoth rings All Bork drops All KBD drops All Bandos Avatar drops All Cerberus drops All Kraken Drops All Phoenix drops All 99's 200m in one skill 200m in all skills Completionist Cape
  3. You're welcome
  4. Well I've been attacked and auto retaliated back many times, only when the other player had a titan is when I was skulled. Maybe it was a coincidence I'm not sure. Until it happens to me without a titan then this is what I'll continue to believe.
  5. If you are in the wilderness wearing more than one valuable item you do not wish to lose, keep your auto retaliate off as people are abusing the steel titan skull glitch. Meaning if they have a steel titan and you attack them even after they've attacked you, you will be skulled and you will lose your items. It's very frustrating but the staff have been informed and are going to be working on a fix soon. Ps, if you go into wildy, keep your screen recorder handy. Let's get these bug abusers banned.