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  1. Full support, slayer is too boring right now...
  2. Nex

    Rouges' Castle

    TBH Rogues' Castle gives you noted magic logs and provides an everlasting fire. Another everlasting fire is in ::dzone, but you can't get noted magic logs from anywhere else. Imagine if everybody was able to AFK noted magic logs 24/7. I don't support this idea, but if this is implemented, then the magic trees in Rogues' Castle shouldn't give noted magic logs anymore IMO.
  3. Hey, I just bought runecrafter robes for 10k energy fragments and they don't seem to be doing anything. I tried crafting blood runes while wearing runecrafter robes and when not wearing them - no difference. It also doesn't seem to affect siphoning energy from energy fragments. They should at least do something as 10k energy fragments takes a while to collect. I suggest they should give a bit more xp seeing as lumberjack gives wc xp and agile set gives agility xp. Another possibility would be to reduce the frequency of times a player gets hit by the energy fragment while siphoning it while wearing the robes. /E: I saw supremesilk mentioning this in his suggestion thread, but I feel like this has not got enough attention.
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