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  1. Hi, and thank you for checking out my suggestions. If you anything like me, you really enjoy the PVM aspect on OSRS and idea off slaying monster to get loot of epic proportions. I think in this sever the loot is there, but it's far and few and some drops seem unattainable while other seem useless. In this im going to suggest a bunch of ideas that would implement new things to the game while keeping it at its core. HARD MODE BOSSES OLM So as everyone knows The Great Olm is one of the most popular bosses on this server. The idea of obtaining the orb and taking yourself to higher riches is everyone's goal. But let's be real, after the first 100 kills your ready for something more challenging than trying to talk in help chat and not die to falling crystals between phases. This is where i would like to introduce a hard mode Olm. Here are some of the things i would like to see implemented into a hard mode of the boss. Watch your head So if you anything like me and your on 70th kill of the day and you accidentally kill the hands on P3 instead of the head the rocks start falling but you still have to kill the head. I think that this would be a very cool thing to add to the hard mode. During the whole fight the crystals will keep falling and not stop till Olm has been slain. Now watch your feet I think it would also make things more challenging if the crystals that appeared below your feet every 8-10s to keep you moving while also having to dodge the crystals falling. After some testing i could see if this would need to be increased or even decreased to make it difficult enough to be hassle but no so much as to where it makes it impossible. More Health/Flex raiding I think adding a 1500hp base to the hands would make the fights a bit longer without making farming to grueling. This would make each hand have a 1500hp base and the head would be bumped up to 4000hp for P3. Maybe also adding 10% more defence to the boss would also make this more of a challenge. Now with that in mind i would like to add the idea of Flex raiding to it. Flex raiding is the idea of everyone needed to be able to hold your own. When you start the boss fight depending on how many people are in the party the HP will increase with each party member. Maybe having a base of 1500Hp per hand with 200Hp added to each hand in a party of 3. 400Hp added with a party of 4. 600Hp added with a party of 5. Head would go as follows: 1/2 people-4000 hp 3 people-4500 hp 4 people-5000 hp 5 people-5500 hp (I understand if this would be extremely hard to code/implement just and idea) Overview/Notes I think adding these to a hard mode, also with a 20% attack speed increase, as with the other special attacks still in rotation is going to give a much more challenging boss fight; that you will need your best pvm music blasting, to concur. I also think the Hp could be even higher you would have to see how the damage plays out with a Defence buff on the boss, But if you have a group of 5 geared players they could still rip threw 1500hp/2100Hp pretty fast. I want this hard mode to be a hard boss fight that you would need good gear to beat and it's a bit of a trek. HYDRA First i would like to state that i have not done nearly as much Hydra as i would like, to make some great suggestions for a hard mode on this boss. But i'm going to give it a try as i think that this is something everyone would like to see added and it goes along with the rest of the suggestions you will see later. will update more in the coming days just want to save
  2. Dude love the ideas this would make skilling a thing in here!
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