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  1. We need your feedback! 2020 is going to be our year at simplicity with great content updates & qol but i got an idea i want some feedback from the community about before we get started! Would you guys like a blackjack table in simplicity? How would it work?: you get into the gambling mode then only chat will be visible we then clear the chatbox from all text then teleport the players to an instanced area so only their chats will be visible to each player X player pays X buy in amount X player wins X amount what's inside the pot
  2. Simplicity Staff Changes @ spud Has been promoted to Server Support @ Tineepockets Has been promoted to Moderator @ Heroic Has been promoted to Moderator @ Fastneasy Has been promoted to Moderator @ Minh Has been promoted to Moderator @ Neon Has been promoted to Moderator @ Abe Has been promoted to Global Moderator
  3. Hey FF, just not yet. This update was mainly to fix inferno & TOB.
  4. Added new items inside wilderness chest Torva platebody is now a 1/410 drop from nex Torva platelegs is now a 1/410 drop from nex Inferno npc now attacks you Fixed issue with TOB Healers now heal boss (Inferno) One person dying in TOB no longer resets the boss Minions are now correcting spawning in Theatre of blood NPCs now load twice when you login at Edgeville to prevent them from disappearing Raids now teleports you on logout instead of login to prevent getting stuck Logging out while in raid now destroys the instance preventing future lag from that area You can now visit other peoples houses Tubby's new custom scythes (#1 custom scythe orderer) Kevin can now do a backflip
  5. interesting idea to get more cash circling in the eco.
  6. Yes the bugs are prio but this is a community thread what people want, dw we taking care of the bugs.
  7. Update what iv'e done so far: Changed something in wilderness Changed ''XXXXX'' Please keep suggest on this thread.
  8. Hello im currently making changes around simplicity and id love if you guys vote on what you want! Thanks! -Kevin
  9. Thanks for posting this thread. Currently im looking into drop tabels and will do massive changes to benefit the new players also keep top donator ranks happy at the same time.
  10. Vote points and loyalty points are no longer reset upon game mode change. Fixed the game mode change bank pin check. Fixed the pipe in Taverly dungeon. Fixed Ruby Member offset on yells. Added NEW Dialogue system. Redid Town crier dialogue with correct game mode downgrading. Added new Alert box design: Perfect positioning & hovers on any screen mode. The height of the alert box is dependant on the amount of text. Fixed Taverly / Brimhaven dung & more locations where roofs/highmem needs to be set. Fixed Flameburst defender (correct hand & visible). Added Sanguinesti Staff X White. Fixed the weird looking walls in Duel Arena (Death Capes) Added NEW Equipment type: like full helm yet it allows to show beard (Suitable for coifs). Fixed Soul wars lobby maps. Removed particles from Tokhaar cape. Fractite gauntlets on both genders. Fixed Crystal halberd full (i). Fixed Rainbow partyhat on both genders. Fixed the presets bug. Beard no longer shows through full helms/masks Fixed Spookie mask Fixed zombie mask. Dual Sai X (New Custom weapon in HEAVY development). Added teleport to target ticket (Can be bought in explorer jack shop for 100M coins) Thank you, Simplicity team
  11. Congratulations & Best of luck bois
  12. Are you, by any accident, Nmopal aka monopoly?

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