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  1. Welcome!
  2. Welcome to simplicity! hope you'll enjoy our content packed server!
  3. Nice video bro!
  4. Awesome work but u forgot some armours like battle mage, vanguard, trickster
  5. What i can personally accept and work on right now is: I can do re do the wildywyrm drop table is wilderness is profitable. I can most likely get something mid tier into sapphire zone so these donators don't feel left out.
  6. Hi and welcome to simplicity! ive spoken to you in game and u seem like a nice person! Enjoy ur stay! - Kevin
  7. Nice guide my friend, pinned this one! keep up the good job
  8. Nice video, gl to all!
  9. Thanks for these suggestion. I'll see what i can about do these but to be honest they are very common sence for wilderness and should have no issue being fixed/added
  10. Thanks for this suggestion. This is something ill look into if we can add
  11. We are excited to welcome Jonny & Leviticus to the development team! We now have 3 dedicated developers on our team to add a lot more content and move things much faster! Hope you guys enjoy this update and we appreciate all the support you guys have given us. New Content • Added a new monster and a new zone for Crystal Donators. • Added all boss events to the new command (::events). • Added a 50B XP master item that turns you into a rare NPC. • Added TEKTON event boss (Spawns ever 3 hours and drops to 10 players). • Added Tekton pet, Tektiny. • Added blood money to now give a minimum of 100, maximum of 225. (based on combat level) • Added a notification to let staff know if a player is in their home (for teleto / teletome cmd). • Added a utility world message for box messages so that can be blocked easily. • Added a Wilderness Chest at level 23 wilderness with a lot of nice rewards. • Added new monsters in the wilderness, Skeletal Mystic. • Added Wilderness Key to the droptable of Skeletal Mystic. • Added Mystery Box and Legendary Mystery Box to ::togglealert blacklist. • Added ::redeembloodmoney command for the pkp conversion. • Added a restriction with chatbox popup for the afk money making methods. • Added ::findmonster clue scroll (elite). • Added bonus milestones to the well of goodwill. • Added more Porazdir spawns to Onyx Hall. • Added more drops to Dawn. • Added missing clue scroll items to clue scrolls reward list. • Added Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes. • Added the creation of Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes with drops from the bosses. Bug Fixes • Fixed cows hidden prize reward. • Fixed the find drop command for Ankou. • Fixed Raids bug where a player should not swap with a player that gets killed. • Fixed a bug with Boss Event Timers and created a smooth events interface command. • Fixed adding to fire option in rouges area. • Fixed a bug where Raids second loot displays the wrong amount. • Fixed a bug with restore special attack potion. • Fixed Level 14 wilderness elite clue spot. • Fixed a bug so that you can't use superior pets in the wilderness anymore. • Fixed Nex double drop for diamond donator+. • Fixed a bug related to donation scrolls. • Fixed a bug related to ignored players yells and PMs. • Fixed a bug where you can't use cannon in jail anymore. • Fixed extended distance on General Graandor's melee distance. • Fixed decreased freezing after thawing from 3.33 ticks to 2. • Fixed bugs for NPC movement. • Fixed bugs for Alchemical Hydra. • Fixed bugs for Hydra's fire wall. • Fixed a bug for fury and ranger boots to drop noted items for event bosses. • Fixed a bug with dark sled. • Fixed some clue scroll items not being wearable. • Fixed a bug with the Cerberus boss map. • Fixed a bug with donator rank hierarchy. Other changes • Upgraded the Well of Goodwill. • Increased the Well of Goodwill limit. • All teleports are now in alphabetical order. • Made changes to the ::well command to display the upgrades. • Fletching logs now has a 'Make X' option. • Crafting dragonhide parts now has a 'Make X' and 'Make All' option. • Superior Scroll now works with Zuk and Vorkath pets. • You can no longer attack cows when the event isn't live. • Overloads can now be noted. • Tarn boss now gives boss points. • Tome of frost now lights up spells as if you have water runes in your inventory. • You can now use the ::zulrah command from the instance, only once it's dead. • Updated server announcements to be more current. • People with superior pets or overpowered weapons are now forced out of the wilderness. • Donator zone altar now wipes poison and venom. • Serpentine helm now blocks venom. • Bank command is no longer case sensitive. • New exclusive SUMMER donation deals added ::summerdeals. ~ Thanks for your support ~ ~ Arthur, Supreme & Development Team ~
  12. Welcome
  13. Simplicity Update & Bug fixes 5/06/2019 We would like to welcome the newest member of our development team Lare96 Great work from him this week! Special Thanks To: Master Cut22 for tracking bugs and communicating with the development team to fix them Kevin, 2incher, Athos, Foly, Ohiofort01 for approving and organizing community suggestions in a way to maximize creation of community suggested content! • The "Invite" option will now disappear when starting a Raid • Added more derwen spawns • You will no longer receive free Castle wars tickets when in the waiting rooms • When loading presets, it will now be able to consistently find all items. It will also no longer remove placeholders. • New textured capes added (coming soon) • The Tome of Frost now equips to the correct slot. It also acts as a source of infinite water runes and lights up the spellbook. • You can no longer withdraw from the money pouch within minigames. • Small, medium, and large rune pouches are no longer act as one pouch. They can each hold different amounts of pure/rune essence. • Cow Massacre minigame beta • ::commands interface now displays correct and full commands. • All wilderness obelisks now work • Some object ID fixes for new osrs models • Fixed very serious issue with shops • Picking mysterious herbs now awards Herblore XP instead of Fishing XP. It will also no longer give a chance at Heron pet • Players can no longer drop items, follow another player, or talk if they haven't entered their bank pin or their account is compromised • Clue Digging at level 14 wildy at a statue of a warrior now works • Withdrawing items from the Pak Yak will only remove what can fit in your inventory, and will no longer drop items on the ground noted • Fixed guthin's set healing effect • Added ::ffaevents that staff can start • FFA events will now track all participating players and automatically award the winner. It will also not send staff back to home when they are eliminated so they can moderate • PKP have been removed from quest tab. The empty gap has been filled in • Preset option on raids bank chest now works • Fixed bug with hydra that allowed players to win faster • You can now place items on the trading interface regardless of inventory space • More development done on Verzik boss. Working more in-depth for next update ~ Thanks for your support ~ ~ Simplicity Development Team ~
  14. +1