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  1. Welcome to the server looking forward meeting u in game
  2. Nice to see a fellow swede on the server welcome!
  3. Welcome to simplicity! Scaninavian gang gang
  4. Wow there is some really nice suggestions on this thread!! Hope some of those makes it into the game
  5. I'd vote no with this one, there is already enough afking spot on the server
  6. Welcome man
  7. Welcome to simplicity! hope you enjoy your time here and also nice bank man!
  8. Welcome back im a veteran my self nice to see more og's
  9. Nerf t bow from the current damage to > 70-80 Nerf scythe of vitur damage to > 100-120 (40 max hit) Nerf scythe of vitur x damage to > 150 (50 max hit) Nerf dark twisted damage to > 100 Nerf sanguinesti staff damage to > 100 Nerf tham scepter damage to > 65 Nerfing these weapons means less drops and the price of the items stay more stable. Imo these weapons hits way to high and should be slightly nerfed so items value stays up
  10. Yes and no we already have alot of capes in game and then again you would need to find a coder to add that cape and there is none coded so..
  11. I support this and for the people that had the cape should be rewarded with something
  12. Welcome
  13. Welcome, nice to see more scandinavians on the server Pm me in game i speak fluent danish
  14. Thanks for these awesome updates! Keep the good work up
  15. Congrats!!!