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  1. The old pk points you had before is going to be converted into bm but sadly we had a few issues so it didn't do that automatically. On the next update your old PK points going to be Blood Money We are sorry for this bug that happend. - Kevin
  2. Crystal hypeeeeee pog
  3. Hi thanks for posting you're suggestions and taking your time and effort into this post. I do agree that we need to find a way for new people to make some decent amount of cash to start off to grind with. I'm unsure about the scythe part since the weapon is really strong if so it should be a super rare drop from a hard boss (to get people into more group pvming) I like the idea about daily events to collect a few points for doing tasks. Over all i support this
  4. Congrats mate a very nice pet
  5. These are still currently banned.
  6. When this is suggested where is my rasta bob marley that says smoke weed every day and does random bong hits every 420 second Great idea #freemyman
  7. Yes and no we currently have alot of items that brings your hp over 99, i dont want to make this larger so id vote no.
  8. yeah right now u actually have to pay attention to ur prayers at raids... It's a great update however since u can't semi afk raids anymore since it removes ur prayer.
  9. I agree with this since u don't see any trickster/battle mage/vangaurd etc in game
  10. The following items on this thread are currently banned from the wilderness untill their damage capabilities have been fixed: Vesta's longsword Golden maul Statius's warhammer Dragon Dagger of any kind Hand cannon if you are caught using these items in the wilderness you will be punnished for abusing.
  11. Master egghead kooda
  12. i want boxes :) lol kurdo


    1. Kevin


      I also want boxes :P lol kevin

  13. Bump thread, it's free guys cmon
  14. I'll do all pictures for free, im not good at photoshop at all but i'd love to do some pictures for you guys Comment what you'd like under or pm me on discord and i'll try to sort it out
  15. Big support on this one Btw nice new profile picture @FF_