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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Lewis. I'll see you at spoons.
  2. I love this man 11/10
  3. Hey, thanks for the thread man! I'll see what i can do for the chaotic items in near future. sincerely, Kevin.
  4. Verzik Boss fight it self has the best droptable in game for how simple it is. Full threate of blood changing drops again is gonna be hard to balance out. We are looking into issues with TOB and gonna have these adjusted in the near future. If any droptable changes will happen then i need to adjust the damage you can do to verzik. Currently it's way to easy and rewarding for player there for it wont be changed untill ive tweaked the damage you can do with weapons etc hand cannon x or nightmare staff. Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5QAhjF5Jcs
  6. How about a comp cape where you combind all boss capes on to have all effects but make the stats almost 1:1 to angelic cape?
  7. Would love to see more progress pictures, Goodluck!
  8. 1. Increasing droprate for ironman is gonna be abused. People will just drop trade their drops or get killed in wilderness for it. That's the reason why i won't implement that. 2. As above ^ 3. interesting idea.
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