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  1. My suggestions to a new pkp shop becuse the old one is very outdated. The items im looking to remove is just crashed item you can get for very cheap and should not be that expesnive in the pkp shop Add: Trickster robe top Trickster robe bottom Trickster boots Trickster helm Demonic armadyl godsword Flameburst defender Arcane spirit sheild (?) Elysian spirit sheild (?) Divine spirit sheild (?) A pk cape with active wilderness bonus (bad outside the wilderness but dropt on death) Blood nec Dragon claws Battle mage (?) Remove: Saradomin godsword Bandos godsword Zamorak godsword Saradomin sword Dark bow Seeris ring (i) Archer ring (i) Warrior ring (i) Berseker ring (i) Zaryate bow Ranger boots Robin hood hat
  2. No support at this, rouge castle has always been a hotspot on simp even tho the wilderness is very dead. High reward high risk.
  3. I support this suggestion since the shop is way to outdated +1!
  4. https://gyazo.com/e28da365cd567c25ca7c64c83aaaad2a
  5. So mr iron trees enter the wilderness in gear. I kill mr iron once at wyrm becuse reasons. Mr iron trees comes back in gear. Tells me to get off or get jailed for ''pkp farming'' The fuck you mean? should we just allow all people in wilderness? This shit is so dumb. https://gyazo.com/179fde91a7810716e9e3b719eb14c2c1
  6. I find this thread dead now, such a shame!
  7. Y'all sad af but i like it more memes
  8. 1. Make onyx 2h useless in pvp like tbow, shit smacks 89 and specs 173. This sword will get you one hitted and that's nothing we want in the wilderness. 2. A lava dragon teleport added to the game so people can easily get to lava dragons insteed of runing from greater demons. 3. Rune pounch that actually works, this one only stores rune but you can't cast them.
  9. The last days wildyworm has been empty, pretty much dead. Why do you wonder?.. Warmonger has been added. A safe boss that spawns 2 times in 1 hour, a boss that drops alot of good items and santa keys Wildyworm is a boss in wilderness, also a team based boss just like warmonger but this one has 3k more hp and 1 hour spawn time and the loot from Wildyworm is trash compared to this safe pvm boss. I demand that either move warmonger to wilderness or make ww as powerfull as warmonger becuse wildy is dead content, im speaking for more than just my team when im making this post.