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  1. i agree with this the time you put into the game to comp and that's all you get is quite shit to be honest
  2. we need a bacon and egg pet NOW KEVIN WILL AGREE
  3. A ZONE FOR MAXED OUT SKILLERS For the people that love skilling but don't want to go past that Level 3 Mark, makes it only fair that they get one just like max players would. and also a max skilling Cape for skillers since they cant get max cape?
  4. EXAMINING MONSTERS Yes, you can do ::finddrop and also ::findmonster but have you ever thought of being able to Examine the monster to bring up the drop table for it? for if someone sees a monster they want to kill but cant be bothered typing it just click and you're off
  5. When you donate you get a Coloured thing next to your name and ::yell but I believe that you should get armor that is coloured to our rank EG: I am currently diamond rank so it would be diamond coloured armor, it would be a fashion scape thing nothing special. Also on the topic of Fashion scape is there a Costume Storage Box for all skill obtainable items? if not saves room in the bank
  6. When people say can I borrow Scythe for 24 hours to do bossing or whatever, you have to trust the player. maybe make a shop for player lending to be able to borrow items from other players for $$$ money in-game? Don't know how that would affect the eco but would be a good idea as some people aren't trustworthy enough. or don't have a lot of trust in other players with there in-game items. I would also be a good money-making way aswell Kind regards SONIC FOR SUPPORT LIKE IF AGREE SonicMonstar SIMPLICITY IS #1
  7. I believe that we should get clue scroll points just like bossing and trivia and stuff gets people doing them? i have chatted to acouple of people and they agree too Kind regrads Sonic
  8. for the ::goodiebags is there a way where you can make it like a gold bag but admins up the items in the bag and its like a mystery box but like a bag, so it would be a good idea Kind regards SONIC
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