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  1. I believe that there should be a mid tier boss that drops a big ticket item. Imo, the "easiest" boss that starts dropping more expensive items are either Hydra\Corp(may be missing a boss or two). Those are pretty difficult for newer players. I think that if you added Zenyte Shards to Demonic Gorillas drop table for new\mid tier players to very rarely get, it would greatly improve their experience on the server because it would allow them to grind a "boss" that they can kill with blowpipe\arma all the way up to tbow\pernix(or sagi). Also, I don't think it would be too "overpowered" for them to drop it, as Demonic Gorillas drop Zenyte Shards on OSRS too, which make BIS jewelry on there too. Ideas: - Add zenyte shards ingame, give ability to craft Ring of Suffering(89 craft), Necklace of Anguish(92 craft), Tormented Bracelet(95 craft), Amulet of torture(98 craft). - For Ring of Suffering, make it similar stats or even better than ROB, but with no drop rate\auto bank or pickup benefits. - Very rare drop rate, something along the lines of 1/1500-1/2500 due to the gorillas being easier to kill than other bosses. - Add Zenyte shards to drop table of an NPC at higher tier donator zones, such as Sapphire zone. Sapphire zone specifically as I've seen many players requesting that Sapphire zone gets many improvements to make it worth while to donate $1000+. You can make a boss drop the shards at a 1/900 or so drop rate at higher tier donor zones, whilst demonic gorillas dropping at 1/2500 & I think that would be incredibly fair. All in all, this would give new content & gear\accessories to grind for, alternate moneymaking methods instead of grinding poraz\dawn\hydra etc, and also give more benefits & incentives for higher tier donator rank(specifically Sapphire) that players have been requesting for. I think it's very reasonable of an idea.
  2. On the forums, there's a plethora of different threads & posts. I suggest a search bar is added, like on many other forums, where you could search the entirety of the forums for specific keywords. Often times I find a thread, close out of it & am unable to open it back up as I can't recall what section\category it is in. It would make it much easier if I could just search for a keyword like "raids" and boom, all threads related to raids would pop up. Bonus points: if you added a command ingame like ::forums texthere or ::search texthere & it pops up with the search results page for "texthere"
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