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  1. I believe that there should be a mid tier boss that drops a big ticket item. Imo, the "easiest" boss that starts dropping more expensive items are either Hydra\Corp(may be missing a boss or two). Those are pretty difficult for newer players. I think that if you added Zenyte Shards to Demonic Gorillas drop table for new\mid tier players to very rarely get, it would greatly improve their experience on the server because it would allow them to grind a "boss" that they can kill with blowpipe\arma all the way up to tbow\pernix(or sagi). Also, I don't think it would be too "overpowered" for them to drop it, as Demonic Gorillas drop Zenyte Shards on OSRS too, which make BIS jewelry on there too. Ideas: - Add zenyte shards ingame, give ability to craft Ring of Suffering(89 craft), Necklace of Anguish(92 craft), Tormented Bracelet(95 craft), Amulet of torture(98 craft). - For Ring of Suffering, make it similar stats or even better than ROB, but with no drop rate\auto bank or pickup benefits. - Very rare drop rate, something along the lines of 1/1500-1/2500 due to the gorillas being easier to kill than other bosses. - Add Zenyte shards to drop table of an NPC at higher tier donator zones, such as Sapphire zone. Sapphire zone specifically as I've seen many players requesting that Sapphire zone gets many improvements to make it worth while to donate $1000+. You can make a boss drop the shards at a 1/900 or so drop rate at higher tier donor zones, whilst demonic gorillas dropping at 1/2500 & I think that would be incredibly fair. All in all, this would give new content & gear\accessories to grind for, alternate moneymaking methods instead of grinding poraz\dawn\hydra etc, and also give more benefits & incentives for higher tier donator rank(specifically Sapphire) that players have been requesting for. I think it's very reasonable of an idea.
  2. Players are unable to get through the gate in edgeville dung as of recently, which is required to kill hill giants & hobgoblins. I recall this gate working prior to the last patch\update, so I believe it may have been glitched by the most recent update. You are presented with the following error message in chat when attempting to open the gate: https://gyazo.com/93ff365ae4f1368e2b10ea26a86c95b9 ***For any users or staff members contacted by new players about this bug that are trying to complete a hobgoblin\hill giant task, until it's fixed, here's a work around for the issue: https://gyazo.com/2d0c517effddfdb8389519a3d54dfdb1
  3. **Owners** Arthur- N\A - Haven't spoken much to Arthur, but from what I've seen he's pretty chill, so N\A. Supreme- A+ - Spoke w\ Supreme during the Staff Q&A, he was very receptive & open to my suggestions. He also took great consideration in implementing some of them, and I greatly appreciate that. **Co Owners** Kevin- A - Pretty active, seems very chill & in touch with the community. Wish I've spoken with him more, but I feel like I've seen enough of him to rate him an A. **Managers** Dutch- A++ - Dutch is one of my favorite staff members. He's so in tune with the community, and it seems like so many people like him. He hosts FFAs & server events in which the community appears to enjoy very much. It appears Simplicity isn't a PK based server, more-so PVM based, but it shows that he cares about the members of the community that enjoys PKing. Lewis- N\A - Truthfully haven't seen much of Lewis due to timezones, so I don't feel comfortable commenting on him. **Global Administrators** Justin- A - Justin is always very helpful when I contact him with any inquiries, and is always willing to drop what he's doing to help me out and for that I greatly appreciate it. **Administrators** Khalid- B+ - Khalid's a nice guy, always see him promoting helpful forum topics & doing GREAT ::goodiebag deals. The only bad thing I've seen is, sometimes members of the community perceive his advertisements of the goodiebag deals as trying to push donations too much. But, I also understand that this server needs money to operate & needs to pay for advertisements, developers, hostings, ddos protection, etc etc. Athos- A - Good guy, very helpful in help CC especially for ironmen. Always super quick to answer inquiries for help. Mak3- A - Just like Athos, he's a great guy & I always see him helping out & being willing to help people that need it. **Global Moderators** Bigzy- A++ - Great guy, also very very receptive to community suggestions & seemed to be the focal point of the recent staff Q&As. You can tell he genuinely wants to improve the quality of life aspects & content available for players to retain retention of new players. Rapiid Ags- B+ - He's always there to help out, but sometimes it seems like his presence isn't always known when he's online. But nonetheless, this is a great guy and he's always fun to mess around with and have laughs with. **Moderators** Shiftynex- A+ - Always active in help cc, willing to help players, and also goes out of his way to help me out a lot. I genuinely appreciate that. I love reporting bugs to help the server out & make it better, and whenever I contact him to see if it's a known bug he always makes it so much easier on me when he goes and makes a note of the bug himself & forwards it to staff, as opposed to me reporting it on forums. Thanks **Server Support** Nealth- A - When I started, he helped me out a lot with questions I had & was always willing to help. I don't see him much anymore probably due to different timezones, but when he's on I'm sure he does a good job! Bernard- A++ - My favorite server support, this guy is always willing to help me out regardless of what he's doing. He's super active & ALWAYS promoting that he's willing to help everyone. He also reminds players to vote on a regular basis, which I appreciate because I forget a lot haha. This is such a good guy and you can tell he genuinely wants to put in as much effort as possible to his staff position. **Trial Server Support** Pixie Joe- A+ - Super super helpful in help CC to all calibers of players new & experienced. Great person to chat to & have conversations with everyone in the help CC, gives a great vibe to the server in general. AdamR- N\A - Just became Server Support yesterday so I feel like I can't speak on him yet. I do however know he's a good guy though, my only suggestion is to perhaps make your presence more known on the server sometimes when you're on Regardless, keep up the good work bud.
  4. In certain instances, when I click on the 'Private' tab in the chatbox, my client freezes & I need to restart client to continue playing. I'm not sure of the exact causes of this as it only happens sometimes. One instance happened while I was killing Hydra, the other happened while I was viewing a POS. On most Hydra kills, you do not receive boss points. I usually only am alerted of receiving boss points for a kill once every 3 or so kills. I've tested it, and it appears that it isn't a visual bug where the alert isn't said in chatbox, I killed 10 hydras & only got the alert in chatbox 3 times, and I only received 6 boss points total.
  5. While in combat with one gorilla & within range of another gorilla, if the original gorilla you're fighting does his special thrown rock animation attack, the other gorilla that you are not engaged in combat with is allowed to PJ you from the original. Due to this, when the thrown rock hits you it will hit you for 30-40 in addition to the second gorilla attacking & pjing you off doing up to 30+ damage. Different way of describing it: Attacking gorilla A Gorilla A does rock throw attack Gorilla B then attacks & PJ's you off the original gorilla you were fighting Gorilla A's rock throw attack hits Must now start fighting gorilla B & kill it before being able to finish killing the original gorilla A you were fighting.
  6. On the forums, there's a plethora of different threads & posts. I suggest a search bar is added, like on many other forums, where you could search the entirety of the forums for specific keywords. Often times I find a thread, close out of it & am unable to open it back up as I can't recall what section\category it is in. It would make it much easier if I could just search for a keyword like "raids" and boom, all threads related to raids would pop up. Bonus points: if you added a command ingame like ::forums texthere or ::search texthere & it pops up with the search results page for "texthere"
  7. There's a glitch with noclipping whenever you stand on the western side of the island, it doesn't appear to happen on the eastern side. When standing on the western side & you attack zulrah if it spawns to the south, you noclip onto the water. If it then spawns west for example, you run further out into the water. It's not a major gamebreaking bug as the items drop underneath you & if you attack zulrah after it spawns in the center you walk back onto the island, but it's still somewhat of an annoyance. Photo of where I stand before the noclip. https://gyazo.com/810147563d6a4bb58e49925d99a344a2 Photo of where I end up after attacking Zulrah to the south & noclipping onto water. https://gyazo.com/6453c97af53768d59b80b9e52a88b41d
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