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  1. Adamr

    Owner Arthur - Pretty cool guy talked to him twice and seems to push updates regularly Supreme- Never talked to him but with all the updates seems to do a good job. Co-Owner Kevin - Kevin is a very cool guy, very involved in the community, very positive and gets things done. Manager Dutch - Dutch is a really good guy, super friendly always willing to talk to people, as far as i can tell he's done a really good job as a server manager. Lewis - Lewis is friendly, and supports the server very well, i haven't spoken to him much so i can't really comment on him much but from what i can tell he does a great job as a server support. Global Administrator Administrator Justin -He's a good guy, pretty funny, and top quality streams, does a great job as an administrator. Khalid- Involved in the community as well as hosting loads of events overall pretty sound guy. Athos Pretty cool guy also from Jordan, haven't spoken to him that much but he seems pretty cool Mak3 Havent spoken to him in a different region i guess. Global Moderator Bigzy - Pretty solid guy, very funny, always enjoy a good jail party, and very good at moderating the help chat. Moderator Rapiid_ags- solid guy, shouldnt be allowed to do range only ffa's really good mod. Shiftynex- havent spoken to him so im not really sure. But im sure hes a good mod. Server Support Nealth - nealth is dad, he is a god Trial Support Bernard - sound guy, good luck in trial
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