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  1. TheRealToxic

    Owner Arthur Havent really seen him around much, so I cant really comment on him Supreme Same as arthur, havent seen them around much Co-Owner Kevin cool guy, willing to beat up service providers so i dont die lagging to KQ Manager Dutch Always helpful in chat, does amazing events! Lewis Havent seen him around much Global Administrator - Administrator Justin Bad form, didnt buy my votes in all seriousness, hes a very helpful staff member Khalid Cool guy DJ Khalid, always does amazing events! Stand up guy Athos Dont see him around as much as the others, cant really comment Mak3 mak3 who? Same as justin, really helpful Global Moderator Bigzy Dont see him around much, cant comment Moderator Rapiid ags always around stealing tournament wins Shiftynex always around helping in help chat Server Support Nealth bis of help chat Trial Support Bernard dont really see him around at all
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