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  1. Welcome to Simplicity. git gud
  2. Hello Simplicity, Only one big update today and that's the addition of Awards to our forums. You can view all the collectible awards right here or at the "Awards" tab in the main menu above this post. If there is any Awards you'd like to see obtainable by players, please let me know below. Goodluck collecting them all! - Simplicity Staff Team
  3. Definitely a huge need. Thinking of more ways to get the community involved with the forums can be quite challenging given platforms such as Discord but I'm pushing for more forums activity and this was the first step.
  4. Hello Everyone, New Year, New Skin? It's about time that the forums got a reskin. The previous theme had some major issues in the code such as incredibly poor mobile support as well as a lack of a search bar and many other issues. So what did we do? We got a new one.. Obviously!! The new theme includes the following; Full Mobile Support Working Search bar Smoother animations Less resource intensive (Less lag) Much more customization I've also been told by people who have beta tested it in the last few days that it's much easier on the eyes in terms of reading text. (Results may vary.) If there's anything you want changed/added/removed, please post them in the comment section. Please use reactions on other suggestions so I can get a clear understanding of what people want/don't want. (If for whatever reason you don't like the new theme, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to change your theme back to the Simplicity 2019 theme.) I hope you all enjoy! - Simplicity Staff Team
  5. No point adding more achievements if Completionist is as bad as it currently is. Everything else is a big yes.
  6. The game is extremely rough for new players but it is getting slowly better and based on changes that I know are coming, this should only get even better. A point system similar to boss points but in relation to boss drops wouldn't be a bad idea given how disappointing the boss points store actually is. The double drops benefit given to Diamond donators might as well not exist. Understandably, it shouldn't double all drops as this would be insanely strong but the items that it does work on, are absolutely useless. I personally believe it would be more worth it investing time into breathing new life back into older bosses that have gone neglected for so long. Giant Mole, Skotizo, Kraken, Bork, Bandos Avatar, Glacors, Dagonnoths, King Black Dragon and even Vorkath. (Nex Multi and Zulrah are special mentions that need attention asap.) Once Hydra is returned to the former glory it once had, giving other people a lot more options is beneficiary to everyone. As for all the crap above this comment, if you've got nothing to say about your opinion on the subject, don't post a comment. No one cares what point you're trying to prove.
  7. Promotions: @ Minh has passed his trial support period and is now a Server Support. Congratulations!
  8. Promotions: @Minh has been promoted to trial server support, we wish him the best of luck in his position.
  9. Comp cape should be BIS cape. The boss capes can still have a place in the game by providing bonus drop rate against the boss they reflect but they should not have that much of a statistical advantage over Comp cape given the amount of time it takes to do. I couldn't recommend this change any higher.
  10. I’m confused, my client has withdraw/deposit by x amounts.
  11. I like a lot of these suggestions. We already have this? We have over 3000 bank slots here. Would be nice to have this change but it's not really necessary. The rest would be cool.
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