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  1. I missed this thread. This is completely possible but can only be done by Supreme as he knows how to integrate the Simplicity API with the Discord API. I've been supporting Simp to Discord integration for ages and there is already some of it in the current Discord but in its current form, is only visible by staff.
  2. Good updates, thank champ.
  3. Welcome to Simplicity, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask for help here on the forums or on our discord server. (You'll receive a much faster answer on discord)
  4. Juggernaut event could be cool. I'd suggest maybe even limiting the ability to bring outside items into this Safe PvP area. Make an NPC with a list of items of some sort for fairness? The ::pin command has been requested quite a lot but if your PC was keylogged, your bank pin would also be taken. I don't like the sound of an instanced nex as I like the competitive nature of Nex and it's drops. But I'm just one person, let's see what others say.
  5. We need more signatures here. It seems no one makes any though.
  6. Welcome to Simplicity.
  7. I'm loving the sound of these suggestions.
  8. Why? There's two of them.
  9. Hi All, Massive amount of updates added over the past week. As a side note, I'll be skimming through the current threads posted in the Suggestions section and start moving suggestions to the "Approved" section if they've been added into the game. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. You're what keeps Simplicity constantly changing for all the players. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT LAUNCHER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: http://simplicityps.org/play/SimplicityLauncher.jar Game Updates: Max Fire Cape animation added. Use "Operate" while wearing. Death Cape animated added. Use "Operate" while wearing. Max Cape animation added. Use "Operate" while wearing. Demonic AGS animated added. Use "Operate" while wearing. Added Combat Potions to PkP Store and Vote Store. Added two new staff ranks. Head Moderator and Head Administrator. Added Superior Olmlet Scroll. Buyable from note trader for 50b. Merge Olmlet with scroll to create Superior Olmlet. Added Superior Olmlet pet. While this pet is placed down, the player will gain a Soulsplit ability without the prayer. Bank item arranging now works. Check it out using the "Swap Withdraw Mode" button on the bank interface. Max Hit Dummy no longer limited to one person. Slayer Rewards interface no longer freezes when opened. Summoning Pouches have been fixed. Replying to Sapphire+ donator private messages with TAB now works. Dragon Warhammer drains defence level. Dungeoneering shop has been fixed. Ranged Prayers have been fixed. Infernal Axe has been added. Cuts almost 2x faster than Dragon Axe/Inferno Adze. Added Dragon Metal Lump to Lava Dragons drop table. Added Dragon Defender (t). Use Dragon Metal Lump with Dragon Defender (broken) to craft. Players receive Infernal Axe for free when they claim their Ruby Donator rank item perk. Players receive Emerald Rapier for free when they claim their Emerald Donator rank item perk. Added Ring of bosses. Collects all loot and sends it to your inventory or bank. (Choose in item options.) Added +10 strength bonus and 15% droprate to Ring of bosses. (5% higher than Ring of wealth.) PvM Updates: Some NPC drop table tweaks. Ancient Wyvern is dropping items once again. PvP Updates: Skulling has been fixed. Players who are attacked by another player in the Wilderness can safely retaliate without getting skulled themselves. If 1 minute has passed without any attacks, this effect will reset causing the next person to attack to be skulled. Vote Reward Updates: Added $10 scroll to the vote store for 300 vote points. Added Dragon Defender (broken) to the vote store for 500 vote points. Added 3 cosmetic Halos to the vote store for 100 vote points each. Added Steam Battlestaff to the vote store for 300 vote points. NPC Store Updates: Runite Ore's now sell for 18k each. Adamantite Ore's now sell for 4.5k each. There will be more changes in this category as we try to fine tune money making in other skills other than Woodcutting and Thieving. If you've got any suggestions into the sell back value of skilling items, please let us know. Donator Store Updates: Thammaron's Sceptre added. -Simplicity Staff Team
  10. I was told it was fixed twice and it ended up remaining the same so I'm avoiding adding it to the update logs until I can officially confirm double drops is back to it's original state. As of right now, it only gives one 2x drop every 12 hours. This 12 hour timer should be removed next update. Hopefully.
  11. Hi All, Here are the latest updates. I'll be posting the Update Log every one to two weeks for more structure instead of pushing out a new log every few days. This does not mean that the updates themselves will only release every one to two weeks. Updates will come out at any time that the Rees decides to push them. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT LAUNCHER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: http://simplicityps.org/play/SimplicityLauncher.jar Game Updates: Blood Spirit Shield added. Commands added. (::benefits ::youtube ::facebook) Reward Boxes now have a chance to not be deleted based on rank. Justicair Model fix. OSRS God cape offsets and model adjustments. OSRS NPC Animation fix (for some monsters) Fixes for teleporting interface. Special attack now saves after logout. Max Fire Cape now has it's own creation path. More on this when the items are available in game. Lava Dragons & Vorkath drop tables have been adjusted. Name changes for the new teleporters added in the last 2 updates. PvM Updates: Ancient Wyvern now drops for 3 players. KBD & Cerberus instance fixes. Gorillas and combat fixes. Armour piercing effect for godwars dungeon fixed. Vorkath and King Kurask now give boss points on death. PvP Updates: Fixed Familiar combat in single target areas. Donator Store Updates: Donator store items have been rearranged. Diamond Mystery Box added. Ghrazi Rapier (r) added. Dragon Scimitar (or) added. New Katana added. Dev Updates: Great Olm is almost finished. There's no set release date yet but we'll provide one as it comes closer to completion. -Simplicity Staff Team
  12. Hi All, The Development team has been working super hard as always so thank you very much to them. Keep up the amazing work. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT LAUNCHER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: http://simplicityps.org/play/SimplicityLauncher.jar Game Updates: Double drops has been reverted back to normal for Diamond Donators+ Ranging has been cleaned up looking much smoother and proper. Two new areas. More on this in the "PvM Updates" section. Max Fire Cape added to the game but not obtainable as of yet. Ancient Wyvern Shield now craftable. (Wyvern Visage + Black Dhide Shield) Shops can now hold more than 40 items. Avernic Defender is now craftable. (Avernic Hilt + Broken Avernic Defender) $10 & $20 scrolls are now tradable. Ancient Wyvern will drop $50 scrolls. The FIRST boss of it's kind to drop donations scrolls. Removed Max Hit Stone Replace with Combat Dummy PvM Updates: Ancient Wyvern Boss has been added to the game. (Enter by purchasing "Fossil Island Wyvern" for 15m from the Shop Assistant on the South wall of Edgeville Bank and enter the green portal.) New Teleport in Edgeville for everyone to access Animated Demon Monkeys. Animated Demons drop "Demon Statuettes" which can be sold for gold. -Simplicity Staff Team
  13. I never heard of the casket change being reverted.
  14. Just posting what I was told. It's being reverted anyway.
  15. Hi All, Just a couple of updates today. Always more to come! IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW CLIENT LAUNCHER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: http://simplicityps.org/play/SimplicityLauncher.jar Game Updates: Added two portals in Edgeville. Red portal is open to all players and Blue portal is limited to Emerald Donators+ Max Hit Stone at Edgeville was moved. Summoning disabled on Vorkath Island. Fixed Vorkath's broken right wing. PvM Updates: Added Night Beasts. Accessable from Emerald Portal. Added Demonic Gorillas in the new dungeon. -Simplicity Staff Team