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  1. 100% agree with this. You can't build a sustainable community without new players actually sticking around.
  2. I thought I'd give everyone some tips if they have any plans on gambling on Simplicity. RECORD YOUR BETS. This really can't be stressed enough. A large majority of the scam reports we receive do not contain valid evidence. Ask to show the pot in a trade window. Attempting to gamble without having the items is against the rules and just asking to see a pot can get the other person banned before a scam can even take place. We suggest asking to the see the pot of EVERYONE you gamble. This includes players with "Trusted" tags. You can never be too careful. Be clear with your language and make sure the person you are gambling with is also clear with their language. Not being clear can cause confusion which can break into an argument on who is right or wrong. Asking to show the pot GUARANTIES that the items are on their account. Recording the bet GUARANTIES that those items will be collected for you. If you record but they don't have the pot, we will not spawn items to make up what you lost. Doing both those two steps gives you a 100% chance of you getting your winnings and 1 less scammer in the community. Thought I'd add a couple personal tips to anyone who wants to gamble. Gambling is a risk. If you can't handle the risk and get frustrated or hostile towards others because you did not make profit, maybe gambling isn't for you. If you're someone who is easily influenced by the addiction of gambling, you probably should avoid it. We've seen a handful of good people leave just because they lost their whole bank and we don't want to lose you too. 💖 Have fun with it, but most importantly.. 🥰Be safe.🥰
  3. I thought now would be a good time to take a second look at the Simplicity In-Game rules and create a place where people can voice their opinion on certain rules. If there is a rule that you think should be added/altered/removed, please let us know below. Please try to make an appealing case as to why your change should be implemented. "pls remove botting rule bcos I like botting" will not cut it. I'd like this to be a serious topic as I understand there are certain rules that people just don't see as beneficiary. (Mostly towards the cannon rule) I hope to see a solid discussion below. 😁
  4. This idea has been suggested multiple times. SOF or some sort of tiered daily login rewards that scale slightly with each day. There's a demand for it but it's never been entertained after that. Would love to see it.
  5. Whenever I used to do Hydra, I'd always open my stone keys/magic knife's at the end of each day. I decided to hold onto my drops until I had 100 Stone keys, 100 Magic Knife's and 100 Gold bags. I ended up hitting 8k boss points at the same time so I also got a Ruby Box. I've obviously obtained more than 100 of each during my 3300+ kills at Hydra. Also, in those 3300+ kills of Hydra, I've obtained 4 Hydra Capes, 5 Necklace of Anguish (or), 5 (useless) Dragon Hunter Lances and 2 Ikkle Hydra pets. This is what I ended up with.. Ruby Box: (This was the worst Ruby Box I've ever seen, I'm glad I wasted 8000 boss points on these.) ((I suggest everyone else just saves their boss points until the store gets reworked because that was a load of shit.)) Sapphire Box that I got from the Ruby Box: (Just as bad as the Ruby Box..) 100 Gold Bags: 100 Magic Knife's: 100 Stone Keys: Boxes obtained with Stone Keys and Magic Knife's: Diamond Boxes: Warrior Boxes: Archery Boxes: Wizard Boxes:
  6. Welcome to Simplicity. git gud
  7. Hello Simplicity, Only one big update today and that's the addition of Awards to our forums. You can view all the collectible awards right here or at the "Awards" tab in the main menu above this post. If there is any Awards you'd like to see obtainable by players, please let me know below. Goodluck collecting them all! - Simplicity Staff Team
  8. Definitely a huge need. Thinking of more ways to get the community involved with the forums can be quite challenging given platforms such as Discord but I'm pushing for more forums activity and this was the first step.
  9. Hello Everyone, New Year, New Skin? It's about time that the forums got a reskin. The previous theme had some major issues in the code such as incredibly poor mobile support as well as a lack of a search bar and many other issues. So what did we do? We got a new one.. Obviously!! The new theme includes the following; Full Mobile Support Working Search bar Smoother animations Less resource intensive (Less lag) Much more customization I've also been told by people who have beta tested it in the last few days that it's much easier on the eyes in terms of reading text. (Results may vary.) If there's anything you want changed/added/removed, please post them in the comment section. Please use reactions on other suggestions so I can get a clear understanding of what people want/don't want. (If for whatever reason you don't like the new theme, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to change your theme back to the Simplicity 2019 theme.) I hope you all enjoy! - Simplicity Staff Team
  10. No point adding more achievements if Completionist is as bad as it currently is. Everything else is a big yes.
  11. Promotions: @ Minh has passed his trial support period and is now a Server Support. Congratulations!
  12. Promotions: @Minh has been promoted to trial server support, we wish him the best of luck in his position.
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