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  1. Justin

    Whoever created this current theme for some reason left it out. I find myself switching to the default theme just to have access to the search bar. I'll look into the source code of the theme and try and re-add it.
  2. Justin

    You were originally banned on the 21st of February for scamming. Unbanned on the 2nd of May. You were then caught 2 days later on the 4th of May scamming again. This unfortunately does shine a bad light on yourself. I would like to see what others have to say about your appeal but I personally will not be accepting your appeal as I have fairly strict take on scamming. Appeal pending additional opinions.
  3. Justin

    Even if you knew his name and he could pay for you, you should have your half of the pot in your inventory at the time of the bet.
  4. Justin

    As we spoke in person, you gambled Kingversace and you "lagged out and did not see the flower plants" Upon further investigation, I noticed you did not even have the money to cover the bet in the first place. You told me that your friend had the money and can pay for you or you could donate and pay the bet out. When I asked you for your friends name, you could not even give me a name. I dealt with a scam with you yesterday on your alt account Sundle Lakos and I told you if you were caught in this type of situation again, I would remove you from Simplicity. 24 hours goes by and you're trying to gamble people with money you do not have. Which is against the rules. I will not be unbanning you but because I like to be fair, I will leave this open for another Admin or higher to put their word in for you. If an admin would like to see the conversation I had with V A D about this, please DM me so I can send it to you if you need it.
  5. Justin

    It's not a problem at all. Stay safe out there. 👍
  6. Sorry for the delayed reply. What is the usernames of the accounts?
  7. Justin

    What was your username?
  8. Justin

    I'm voting no for one reason. It's a pointless change. Focus on necessary updates.
  9. Justin

  10. Justin

    I missed this thread. This is completely possible but can only be done by Supreme as he knows how to integrate the Simplicity API with the Discord API. I've been supporting Simp to Discord integration for ages and there is already some of it in the current Discord but in its current form, is only visible by staff.
  11. Justin

    Good updates, thank champ.
  12. Justin

    Welcome to Simplicity, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask for help here on the forums or on our discord server. (You'll receive a much faster answer on discord)
  13. Justin

    Juggernaut event could be cool. I'd suggest maybe even limiting the ability to bring outside items into this Safe PvP area. Make an NPC with a list of items of some sort for fairness? The ::pin command has been requested quite a lot but if your PC was keylogged, your bank pin would also be taken. I don't like the sound of an instanced nex as I like the competitive nature of Nex and it's drops. But I'm just one person, let's see what others say.
  14. Justin

    You said you're trying to show me your side. Are you trying to say you have proof that you didn't scam?
  15. Justin

    Sorry, I am blind ahaha. It was a 2p. We do not show those accused of scamming the proof against them. We've had SOOOO many scams in the past 2 months of people suddenly "dcing" right as a gamble finishes and it's ALWAYS as they lose. As I've said, there is valid proof against you. I just sent a screenshot of the gamble itself. We're not going to unmacban you as you could login and shuffle those items around and hide them on other accounts. (Not saying you would do that, we just take precautions)
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