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  1. Scarlette

    More Working Herb Patches. Updated drop logs, like zulrah doesn't show up and godwars is wonky.
  2. Scarlette


    Hey yall, im gunna be missen for about a week, well 4ish days now. If curious feel free to ask Odder, he knows why. Love you all! ❤❤
  3. Scarlette

    Can't rake or plant herbs in the other farming patches around. isn't a big issue for leveling up, but the achievement would be much more enjoyable if you could actually do normal farm runs.
  4. Scarlette

    doesn't let me put on the white beret
  5. Scarlette

    Hi everyone I'm Scarlette or just Scar, and no not like the lion (I am so much cooler.) Add me ingame: Scarlette, I love you talking while playing. <3 <3
  6. Scarlette

    You're definitely my besty on here and im so happy I have someone I can talk to when im playing (: <3 <3
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