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  1. I have to say goodbye Simplicity, my mom was given 5 more expected days and I have to sell my computer in order to get a plane ticket. I will miss you all so much and Love everyone! Maybe one day I will return, but if not I wish you all the best of look ❤️
  2. Not the best of luck on the infinities. And that's from the Sapphires and Emerald. (3 $10 scrolls and a justiciar helm)
  3. Such a boring pet to get
  4. Scarlette


    Im sorry I suggest a lot 😮 But I think maybe adding who buys stuff from your POS would be interesting. It could give the community a way to thank someone for buying from their shop, just adding a little more respectful communication into the game.
  5. Hey everyone it's Scar, If you read this give me a follow and add me in game, I love having people to talk to 🙂 ❤️
  6. I think if loot share worked we could have more fun and communicative events, like boss masses for the community. it would give the people who don't spend a lot to get high level gear a chance to get in on some drops from tougher bosses like Corp or Nex and so on.
  7. Scarlette


    This is mainly for farming, as im trying to climb the leader boards, its tough because farming you only have so little to do. Id like to be able to use the seeds building in my bank like magic trees. Maybe try to add more working farming patches so we aren't just limited to the herb patch.
  8. Scarlette


    More Working Herb Patches. Updated drop logs, like zulrah doesn't show up and godwars is wonky.
  9. Scarlette


    Hey yall, im gunna be missen for about a week, well 4ish days now. If curious feel free to ask Odder, he knows why. Love you all! ❤❤
  10. Hi everyone I'm Scarlette or just Scar, and no not like the lion (I am so much cooler.) Add me ingame: Scarlette, I love you talking while playing. <3 <3
  11. You're definitely my besty on here and im so happy I have someone I can talk to when im playing (: <3 <3
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