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  1. not sure what I did at all id love to see some proof... other than the rigged screenshot he posted where he only shows my part of chatlog and his part is all scrolled up on ? .. that picture from grind ur talking about ?? 530am est that's when my 12 hrs is up. thanks
  2. I get 12 hr mute for reporting something and he gets triple time of mute for doing it? Please explain logic
  3. Name: Odder Offense: Nothing besides showing proof of what was done to me Mute duration: 12 hours. So I get muted 12 hours for reporting a mute and the person who calls me "f*****" 6 times and even more words rapidly via my pms gets 36 hrs?... where is logic.. proof here: https://imgur.com/gallery/cxC1q2B ******ALSO FIRST PICTURE IF YOU SEE HE SAYS STFU OR I WILL TAKE YOU OFF GAME***** MEANING DDOSS... SOMETHING EVEN MORE SERIOUS YET AGAIN IM MUTED FOR SHORT TIME FOR REPORTING IT.. WONDERING IF ITS CASUE OF HIS HIGH DONOR STATUS? ***
  4. Well done Arthur!. Alot of good Quality of Life Fixes. Nice to see. Keep it Up!
  5. Odder

    This is So valid tbh I had no idea half of this existed.. protect from mage not working. Barrage stacking 20 secs each cast so if u do 2 barrages they're frozen like 35 secs (due to 5 sec b2b casts).. wow this brought to light alot of issues. And yes prices are scuffed and the only item useful to get from BM shop is anguish which is 700k.. highly agree. But with how pking already is being dead idk if that will be a focus or not. Either way, was a well put together thread.. see you care about the wildly on simplicity, this thread shows it..
  6. Odder

    Most down to earth person ive met on here so far! Super Chill,Funny, and never fails to brighten the mood. Always gives off a good vibe! <3
  7. Thanks Mak3! and will do man, you've already helped me more than once! Thanks again!
  8. Haha same <3! Glad we met! You're awesome.
  9. Odder

    Very nice and in-depth guide.. If you havent already id suggest making some more like this for other bosses (shit even if there is already a guide on certain boss). Very clean and professional looking thread. +1!
  10. So pretty much gonna keep this short 'n sweet! I just want to start off by saying that i have met sooooo many dope people on here since i came back to the #SimpGang! Every1 has been so nice and helpful whether it be just having people to pvm with so i dont get bored, to answering server specific questions that i cant remember from not playing for over 2 yrs ( im gettin my #SimpKnowledge back slowly but surely! ). And everytime a new player seems to come on ill answer their first question in help chat then they will pm me and ask bunch more stuff and it feels so great to just be able to give them their first blowpipe and get them hyped for the server just like i was given when i joined.. TBH out of the hundreds of people ive met on here so far ive probably only met maybe 4 or 5 toxic people, those odd are very unlikely anywhere else.. So just wanted to say thanks every1 for being you and welcoming me back to Simplicity! Im not going anywhere! Thanks For Reading :), -Odder
  11. Odder

    yeh def could see there being a need for revamp somehow. +1. havent gotten into much pking on here yet as im newer. but i can def see what you mean.
  12. Odder

    Good stuff bro! The pjer when you were nhing was by far best clip l0l! #Karma
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