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  1. jet kai

    I would honestly say get rid of all custom items. sorry but its the truth
  2. jet kai


    Welcome bro! Good to see you playing. Hope to see ya in game! pm me if you have any questions!
  3. jet kai

    Not a bad idea, like you said though, this is something possibly for the future. +1.
  4. jet kai

    Suggestions. 1. Fix shout box on forums (currently doesn't work) 2. Disable the other skin colors that are unnecessary. 3. Implement ::afk. (can be use for players as well as staff.) 4. Toggle snow on/off (as well as all other events such as Halloween). 5. Implement anti bot system (prevents from autoclicking) 6. Fix "Report-abuse" button, link it straight to "REPORT THREAD" 7. Introduce ::ticket. (tickets will be used for every purpose in-game) report player, claims, hacks, bugs. This will open a interface with a little ticket that has a drop down menu will you can then select what you want to report. 8. Donators should have the ability to yell ::yellvote. (::yellvote will announce the server to remind players to vote) this is something very important to the server as we want the best for us. 9. Automatic staff update on ::staff (Bernard is still a server support in ::staff). 10. please change all staff ranks to the appropriate colors. what's purple mod? or blue mod? admins should be yellow, global mod green, mod silver, server support blue. 11. Update forums player ranks to appropriate ranks. 12. Introduce all ranks just like ::benefits but put it on the bottom of forums. (players can click the rank and see members in the specific rank). 13. Fix shops in general store (food is food and armor is armor) we have swordfish mixed with armor. 14. Get rid of evil tree in wildy? 15. Introduce Forums mod. (forums mod manages all forums post and has the power to delete anything). As well as hand out warning points to players abusing it. For now this will wrap up my suggestions I am personally trying to find bugs and suggest quite a few new things that can or may not be approved. everyone has their right to speak up its our community and we want the best for it! Remember to vote daily it helps a lot. Thank you! Kind Regards - Jet Kai.
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