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  1. Best of luck IRL, hopefully all goes well.
  2. Yet again really nice to see suggestions implemented to the game and much more, nice update!
  3. Support both, getting enough lamps for 50b xp is a big pile And prestige shop needs updating for sure 🤔
  4. I've reported this once already to the staff team, its just a visual bug in the item drop list. Nex does actually drop all the items, just doens't show in the list, will be fixed soon surely.
  5. Max level is 2475 mister maxed out player :'D I can't say I agree completely, but nor do I disagree. Prestige shop needs rewamping , but prestige system is fine as it is imo. The goal is 2b XP here, work around that. Rework the shop though, I'd like to see that.
  6. Awesome idea! Maybe auras? the wings & eye recolors, red gaze etc etc and stuff, would be dope
  7. You are both so right. I dont even need to add anything to this, you've got my support!
  8. Epic guide, very handy for someone like me who just started ironman mode!
  9. The time it takes, at minimum 3-4 weeks, to achieve and the cheapest boss capes being barely 20b I think its unfair towards people who put that much time into achieving comp cape. +1 buff comp cape
  10. Very nice guide, impressive and very helpful!
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