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  1. Very nice update, Kevin wasn't joking this is huge !!
  2. Trippin

    Thank you both, appreciate it
  3. Trippin

    Can't wait to see it live!
  4. Trippin

    Amazing news!
  5. Trippin

    Thank you ! ❤️
  6. Trippin

    Would definitely love to see the hotspots implemented 🙌 Very well constructed post, was fun to read through 🤣
  7. Trippin

    I was thinking about making a thread about the same topic same day I joined, but was afraid of community outrage as I was so new around here and didn't know how people felt about this. Glad to see though, specially staff members, that people see the issue at hand. Definitely look into money sinks , more items that can be thrown down the well, eventually every item in the game? Also the boxes, I 100% agree with. Theres way too many and the donations , bless all donators, are so frequent that theres atleast 1 drop party a day which brings a bucket load of boxes by itself to the game. Not to mention little shy 300 players online 24/7 gathering boxes from pvm/afk tree and what not. And then of course if you donate you get bunch of boxes from there too. - Remove possibly all? low tier boxes - Make high tier boxes untradeable - Maybe look into the drop party as well, its a bit too much honestly. Perhaps reduce the orb growth to half or even 1/4.
  8. Trippin

    Hello! When I used to play rsps's more, couple years back, I never made introduction till it had passed at least a week as I didn't wanna jump the gun on this and have nothing meaningful to say. So here I am nearly week later of my sign up. First impression was obviously good or I wouldn't be here today, but just like any other thing there is the flip side of things as well and this server unfortunately isn't an exception. How ever I made suggestions on those already and I trust our beloved staff team will do their best to fix those eventually. Part from that I've never in my 10+ years of rsps's met more friendly community and as easy going players. Took no time what so ever to jump in discord calls and have laughs with fellow players and staff. Little bit about me and my rsps's journey so far would probably good to add here huh, I'm 24 years young, a dude from very cold country called Finland. I've been to the army, sergeant Trippin reporting for duty. Currently I work with my mental health so I have a lot of free time on my hands and therefore you've probably seen me in game a lot haha. I do have rehabilitative work Monday to Wednesday, its been great. Runescape and rsps's I've played since I was 10, so a good 14 years. I've ran my own rsps, I've been also co-owner, admin, moderator, server support and obviously a very dedicated and loyal player. I've never been in trouble with rules, do my best to respect and follow them. Could also mention that I'm nearly completionist here, thats how much this nerd plays haha. 🤣 All and all, this has been a very joyful week and I thank each and everyone of you for accepting me as part of your community so quickly, if you who's reading this right now haven't met me yet feel free to drop a pm or come and raid with me, I will never say no! Love, Trippin ps. My name is not Tripping 🤣 Don't worry though if you've done this tiny little typo, its been very common over the years 😂
  9. Trippin

    Hey! To keep this quick, short and painless I'll just list them straight up, like so: - ALL max capes working as Ava's accumulator ( infernal max cape, fire max cape) - Raids cape renamed as Cox cape or Olm cape (just like Verzik Cape clearly imply what its for) , I myself have ran into few already that thought it could be used for both TOB and COX, however this tend to apply only on new players which for one can't in most cases afford either cape so its not really that urgent or possibly not even needed, however, it would make more sense. - Duration of phase 1 - 2 of Cox falling rock part should be reduced to same length as phase 2-3 rock fall part. In return possibly some HP added to some stages of the boss. - Boss points from inferno reduced to what ever you guys may see more fit, 50 per kill is ridiculous considering how quick and easy it is. - Add another prestige shop for skillmaster capes, I know they are donation item, but everything should be obtainable with normal gameplay apart from customs and such. - Add Verzik to boss kill log Thats all I could come up for now, thanks for your time reading and cya in game! - Trippin (ps. I've ran couple of these by staff members already, regardless I wrote them all down here)
  10. Trippin

    Hello! Lemme jump straight into it, With the small client chat box is fine (how ever this could imply to it as well for some people), but when you change to the full screen client and the chat box turns transparent its a whole different story. I'd love to see options to turn the full screen clients chat box either solid not see through or us being able to edit the text colors, or both why not? Same obviously goes for small client , both options should exist for us to be able to edit the text colors. For me its extremely hard to read the brown text with full screens see through chat box for example, very annoying. And then again playing with the small client is not as enjoyable as the big client. May sound needy and such, but I feel very strongly about this so I had to put this in writing haha Nothing big , but as a quality of life upgrade this would be amazing to see in game! Thanks for your time reading this, Trippin
  11. Trippin

    Its been nothing but a pleasure and I've got to say as you really took the time to sit down and reply this thoroughly it puts a smile on my face. The lag issues only happen in raids though. Nowhere else hmm. But yeah I am eagerly waiting for this to be fixed one day as I love raiding lag or not haha! Good to know the tiles are waiting to be fixed already 😛 Yeah after I posted this I found out that its rather a cosmetic, regardless, I wanted to get it. And I was also told by Tubbyy that you could once upon a time optain the internal max cape only by donating or buying from players item called 'infernal eel' and it was then removed from the game. Did not know that theres a new? way of getting this cape, in that case I apologize for the inconvenience I may have caused with this! I as well appreciate you taking time of your day and giving me not only a well constructed reply, but as well new and useful information! Thanks, Trippin
  12. Hello! Joined this server yesterday and I've been playing pretty much nonstop as this particular server has very addicting aspects, how ever it also has a lot of flaws at least from my perspective as a new player and a die hard grindscaper/achievement hunter. When I first logged in this guy called Kaizen ran after me everywhere spam trading me , waiting for my new player trade limit or what ever to run out, he then gave me some odd notes and I didn't think much of it. But quickly after I noticed it was 50b cash he gave me. I've never played in a server before where money has this little meaning, my quickly found joy and happiness was just as quickly ruined by the help chat telling me that money was absolutely nothing in this game. Well I was glad to discover they were not entirely right about that and I got myself a nice amount of gear and supplies to start my PvM journey to raiding and inferno attempts rather quick. Which brings me to my first issue, instances such as raids are very laggy. I absolutely love the fact that you've got raids here, but surely theres something that can be done about the rooms being so bugged. Second, tile marks are off horrifically. Its impossible to click anything at raids accurately. For example, try to walk from bank to the entrance door without misclicking another player or vice versa. Impossible. Same goes for the chamber itself, the tile markings of the boss itself are off by quite a bit, clicking certain areas is very difficult and misclicking happens a lot. Combine that with the bugged and laggy room, very little fun is left. Though enough that I did stick with raiding and wont stop, enjoying it regardless. Some may not though. I apologize if these are known already and being dealt with. I know the wall of text I wrote here isn't really a suggestion and rather a bug report or what ever, but I do have an actual suggestion and I didn't want to make two different threads while these thoughts were still fresh on my mind. So, Infernal and Fire max capes. Why on earth wouldn't these capes be obtainable by just combining fire/infernal cape with max cape? To me it seems everything is donate able on this server, sure why not you guys do this for money , but christ don't hold your players back from achieving things because they are only obtainable with real money. This to me is absolutely ridiculous as most (if not all, dont know been here only 2 days) of the donation point shop items and such are obtainable from bossing, pvm, pvp. Why , just why, would you make infernal max cape donation only item? That to me is beyond mind blowing. I was so happy to have completed inferno after dozens of people told me it cant be done and that you need 300-500b worth of gear to do it, till I found out you need to pay real money to combine the infernal cape and turn it to the max cape version. Please for the love of god, do something about this. This server has bucket loads of items and reasons to donate for already, for your own sake as well try to keep and uphold some standards and keep some things off limits from donating. Levels and achievements shouldn't require real money, as we players put our time into achieving these things. Its , free to play game right? , and we shouldn't have to pay to play it. I 100% understand certain items, areas, content etc are donators/donation only, but NEVER have I heard before in all 10 years of playing&running rsps's of a max cape that you have to pay for. Please take the time to think about this. If you were to revamp the capes, make them something people really desire and would grind for, this would get your players to stick to your game more, get more addicted, play longer and more often. In a long run they'd donate more. Rather than just go for the quick buck, go for the consistency. This doesn't go for just the capes, there are plenty of other things you can addict your players with, and this is just my experience of 2 days and hopefully many more to come and discover more out of this amazing game. I'm sorry if this came out as a rant rather than a suggestion, not my intention. Thanks for reading, cya in game! -Trippin
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