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  1. Very good suggestions! Loads of these suggestions haven't been suggested before and you've also gone into detail and expanded on your points. All of which I feel like would improve our server tremendously. All these suggestions will be passed on and I hope you'll see some of these implemented in the near future! Mak3
  2. Hi Mandi! Welcome to simplicity!! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! Feel feel to message me in-game or on ::discord! Mak3
  3. Warm welcome! Hope you enjoy your Simplicity stay!
  4. So glad you decided to do this! Great for new players! Also very efficient way of creating the drop log as well! Best of luck on 5K
  5. Love the time and effort you've put into this! Great thread!
  6. I agree with the nex and spirit shield drops, but what would you suggest in it's place for the higher donators? whatever they add it'll decrease the value...No win situation to me
  7. All seem fair and good additions to the server, I wouldn't have any problems with these!
  8. I'm not sure about the boxes to godwars. The way I see that is if they did add them, players with scythe can kill 100's per hour and get these boxes easily. The same happened at lava's that's why they changed the drop rates.
  9. Great updates!
  10. This has been suggest numerous time and nothing has happened! I completely agree but can't see anything happening unfortunately
  11. Best idea we've had for a while! 100% support on this!
  12. Every other high tier set has this benefit so I don't see why Celesital should be any different! This would be the 4th time this has been suggested so maybe it's about time you read it.
  13. All great expect not being able use SS pets in raids.. I mean imagine getting olm pet upgrading to ss and not being able to use in the place you got it. This one to me makes no sense.
  14. Appreciate your response maybe if they added the PVP into well for 100m note? this way it'll create a sink of PVP armour as well as bringing money into the eco and also gives the option for new players to use the armour!
  15. This suggestion is being made on the large majority of players that talk often in help CC agree on. Currently when new players join the server everybody suggests getting Armadyl and blowpipe to start bossing. Why do you think this is the case? it's simple melee and magic gear around that level is utter garbage. Furthermore not every player enjoys using range. My suggestion and a large part of the community would be firstly make PVP armour not degrade. By implementing this change it'll give a more even progression ladder towards Torva, Justiciar and Sacred clay. For example:(Rough guidelines) Bandos 100-150m ea piece - Which is hard to obtain as most players throw into well. Vesta/Stat 400-500m a piece Torva 2B a piece Justiciar 4-5B a piece Sacred clay 40-50B a piece The same structure would apply for the magic gear. And maybe implementing a set just between Ahrims and Zuriels? Ahrims 5-10m a piece New set? 100-150m a piece Zuriels 400-500m a piece Virtus 2B a piece Ancrestral 4-5B a piece Celestial 40-50B a piece As well as the armours get a revamp I think the weapons associated with the sets should be as well. Currently as everybody knows Twisted bow (All types), Scythe, Scythe X, Sangi staff etc.. are the best and rightfully so. As you continue down the ladder you see a remarkable difference in damage using all the other weapons, As well as the price gap. My suggestion for these would just be a slight damage increase on them. This would make using all attack styles more common and create more options for players to use. Feel free to comment your views and suggestions and hopefully we'll be able to get a change for the better