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  1. I agree on some of your points @ Xelta others I don't. Let me explain The grind it takes the new players to achieve end-game content is long yes - However I believe it was designed this way to increase the longevity of the server, Which in my eyes it has. (Server been online active since August 2018) I feel making this easier to obtain would increase amount of people reaching this milestone and either gambling or quiting. This leads me on to my second point. Gambling...The people who have the "Big banks" are either gamblers or heavy donators (There choice) Once you're this wealthy and most probably got most armours/weapons as this point what are you playing for? Gamblers tend just to clean the lower stakers and have no reason to put there winners/cash back into the eco as they don't need anything or it's a benefit to them. This then would have a knock on effect on some items and harder or easier to obtain(Buy) hence why the prices either decrease or increase. This also covers the distribution of wealth into the server, gamblers just aren't willing to do this. I agree about the struggles as a new player, but remember that most players have been in your situation and come out the other side. My suggestion and theory behind all this is simple. I feel like the boss/npc drops in terms of cash and value of the drops are near impossible to keep up with the prices of the eco. Meaning some ideas you obtain from drops are simply worthless and others are worth a lot. Also with the server's uptime being soo long it's inevitable that certain drops and items become worthless and that certain players seem richer and better off than others. - We have item sinks such as the item gambler and magic well in order to attempt to remove some but obviously come players like hoarding. As for the "End game armour/weapons" I would personally like these to be obtainable to the general public but currently they're not and untradeable so won't effect eco. The high end armour/weapons that are obtainable in game are more than capable on killing every NPC/Boss we have in game without struggle. As you already know donations keep servers running and we've been fortunate enough to receive enough to keep the server online the time we have. Of course certain items are going to effected by donators but end of the day it's there money and all servers do it, it's just finding a way with the money/item sinks to manage it. Mak3
  2. Hypeee! Proud of you bro! Glad you're continuing with it!
  3. I mean you're doing me a favour here... I kill over 700 Dawn's a day, Bound to keep getting more Torva and Virtus pieces. So if you do increase the price it's fine by me 😂
  4. 【 Mak3 Bank/Account Achievements】 Firstly I have been playing Simplicity since roughly 21st of December 2018. This is my current time played on my Main account. Here is my Current list of points: Now I've always loved PVM and you'll see my dedication towards that in this thread. We shall start by showing you the current kill count of NPCs & Bosses I've killed. As you can see I hardly kill regular NPC's only really focus on bosses. This is where it gets interesting Boss kills. They are all the main bosses I've killed over my time on Simplicity. Loot from the NPC's and Bosses (These I don't think are accurate but you get a rough idea) Bank Pictures First of all I'm not going to show you all my bank. (For obvious reasons) I do have items/cash located on multiple accounts. General supplies Skilling Supplies Armour/weapons(Low tier) Higher Tier Armour/Weapons Phats/Costumes My POS Currently Hope you all enjoyed this thread! And realise I'm not as rich as you all thought 😂 (Donated only 210$ in this time and not often gambled) Mak3 ❤️
  5. Mak3

    PvM Overhaul

    I agree however it would be better if you had some ideas to back up your suggestions. For example: what drops would you like removed from certain NPC's What type of new items would you like added to the NPC's
  6. Love this idea! Gives another reason for players will the donator rank to camp there zone!
  7. RIP 😂 Good for players to see the potential you can get from each though!
  8. Congratulations on all the promotions!
  9. Welcome and Goodluck on the trial
  10. Awesome update for the bug fixes! Looking forward to more content in the need future! Mak3
  11. Mak3

    Hey there.

    Welcome Dave! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! Any questions don't be afraid to ask in help CC - private message or ::discord Mak3
  12. I agree! Pretty sure though you can't buy from a player's POS if they're banned, doesn't allow you too. Mak3
  13. Mak3

    UIM Status

    I completely agree with this suggestion! It'll be forwarded and hopefully implemented in the near future!
  14. I agree on max cape working as Ava's Raids cape could be renamed to COX cape however some players when you say COX don't know what it is. They refer to olm. The duration of the phases I agree can be frustrating and long, However with some players gear they'd complete to quickly. Yes you could increase the hands HP but even with the Scythe XI etc.. It'll still be easy but harder for players with blowpipe. Unsure on the boss points from inferno... Ye people can kill quickly because of the gear... But some people can't and you'd be punishing these players. The prices of boxes to output from them seem balanced so don't think it's having a dramatic affect Yeah I agree on prestige shop revamp - just isn't worth prestiging. The master capes should also be obtainable someone else I agree.. Most players use them only for fashion item. I'm sure we are planing on adding all bosses etc to the kill log. With verzik being a relatively new boss it wouldn't have been added. Thank you for all your suggestions! The thread has been passed onto all staff members! Hopefully you'll see some of these implemented in the near future. Mak3
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