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  1. Hi

    Welcome back! I didn't play the old one so i'm a complete randomer to you, but i'll be more than happy to change that Enjoy your second stay here!
  2. Congratulations Now go for comp cape
  3. I 100% agree with this suggestion, most servers I've played on slayer was my favourite skill and love grinding to 200m/2B xp, but with the current items in the store the desire to do this just isn't there. Hopefully with these changes it'll motivate me.
  4. Yeah they're great! easy money maker as well! I've killed over 8,000 of them
  5. Ouch you got a little bit of bad luck here, still very nice though nonetheless
  6. I don't support this idea but i'd increase the spawn timer on the evil tree and make it not spawn at rouges castle. This would cause less arguments on a daily basics over yell and help cc. The pker's would still be able to get pkp points from people heading to magic tree,fire etc.. as well as wildywyrm and calisto
  7. 100% agree with this suggestion! Seems pointless having the runecrafter robes in the store.. it's not like it's a good cosmetic.. especially for the amount of effort which goes into obtaining the set.
  8. I'm a fan of all the ideas you suggested, I'm not a major pker but going off everybody else replies there wouldn't be any problem implementing into the game! This would also give a fresh incentive for pkers.
  9. Nice to meet you Yeli! Best of luck collecting items, it's always enjoyable watching a skiller create a bank!
  10. Welcome to the server! I'm sure you'll have fun! hopefully see you in-game!
  11. Aye loving the template! looks clean! Good luck with your goal!
  12. Very niceee, good luck with all future stakes! (Don't get cleaned)
  13. Loving the updates! My favourite apart from all the new cool items is the new :: commands! These are far underrated and with help a lot getting to places quicker and easier!
  14. I like all of the suggestions above I feel they'd be solid additions to the server, especially the boss one as new players struggle with there gear to kill the likes of vorkath and raids. Also the skilling points would be incentive to continue if the rewards matched the effort. This would also give another dimension to peoples skilling accounts.
  15. Nex

    I 100% agree with this, I also find the same problem with other bosses as well.