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  1. Some brilliant suggestions here to be fair. As for the gambling, It was voted months again that they were changing the location and creating a "gambling zone" unsure as to why this hasn't happened. They tried adding decent 1 handed weapon before such as Ghazri X - Simple reason why they never seem to hit the ground running is because 2 handed weapons are just far superior. As for new necklaces and rings I feel this is a must as Ring of Bosses is outdated and plenty of the in game, the same applies to Anguish or as hydra is grinded a lot daily. I probably would have the new rings to have pickup ability though, otherwise I don't feel like people would buy it.
  2. Congratulations to all and Good Luck!
  3. 2) Celestial should have had HP boost as it was stated on the previous update thread - Could not work if you're SS though 3) This would be awesome if did work as easy to log drops 6) This was filled out a while back but wasn't implemented for some reason 7) Does it really matter seeing what rank a ironman acc is? Is it so you can if they've paid? 9) I agree but maybe you could add suggestions what you feel they could add to the store
  4. Mak3

    Hey I'm Tm4dz

    Welcome to Simplicity! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. I'm partially blind in my left eye
  6. If I'm not mistaken the DS SOV has bonuses that work with the dragonstone armour? Which makes sense however with the DS SOV being tradeable to use will other armours I'd imagine should still be good?
  7. Npc/Boss Killcounts high as possible
  8. Yes and No - People aren't going to kill the amount I killed daily or play the same amount of time. You also need remember I'm in high end gear here.. It'll be extremely lower for someone in basic gear.
  9. Loot from 10,000 Alchemical Hydra 10K Hydra's roughly took 10 days averaging 700-800 kills per day. I'm too lazy to open the magic knife/old keys etc so going roughly calculate the earning. (This is based on the POS prices currently) 644 Stone keys = 96.6B 15 Anguish (or) = 60B 9 Anguish kits = 5.85B 280 Magic Knifes = 84B 568 Gold bags(Average 18M)= 10.2B 11 Sapphire Boxes = 49.5B 11 1B tickets 110B cash from the cash drops Grand total = 427.15B
  10. All depends on the items in the minigame store and how quickly you'll obtain the items compared to bossing. People currently don't bother with minigames cause you don't make anything from it.
  11. Mak3


    I agree but it's not just the bloodmoney store , all the stores are outdated
  12. The donator store is way outdated and overpriced compared to the price of the items in the current eco. You're basically donating for the goodiebag or deals.
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