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  1. Yes and No - People aren't going to kill the amount I killed daily or play the same amount of time. You also need remember I'm in high end gear here.. It'll be extremely lower for someone in basic gear.
  2. Loot from 10,000 Alchemical Hydra 10K Hydra's roughly took 10 days averaging 700-800 kills per day. I'm too lazy to open the magic knife/old keys etc so going roughly calculate the earning. (This is based on the POS prices currently) 644 Stone keys = 96.6B 15 Anguish (or) = 60B 9 Anguish kits = 5.85B 280 Magic Knifes = 84B 568 Gold bags(Average 18M)= 10.2B 11 Sapphire Boxes = 49.5B 11 1B tickets 110B cash from the cash drops Grand total = 427.15B
  3. All depends on the items in the minigame store and how quickly you'll obtain the items compared to bossing. People currently don't bother with minigames cause you don't make anything from it.
  4. Mak3


    I agree but it's not just the bloodmoney store , all the stores are outdated
  5. The donator store is way outdated and overpriced compared to the price of the items in the current eco. You're basically donating for the goodiebag or deals.
  6. Great suggestion +1 from me
  7. Mak3

    New Amulet / Ring

    Mixed opinion, It'll make certain comp achievements easier, however would help the skillers.
  8. Mak3


  9. No support from me, Scrolls are already easily obtainable in POS (As thousands of boxes are opened daily) It could work if it only works for ironman accounts.
  10. Mak3

    Solo Tob

    It's nice someone proofed you can solo TOB, IMO the time and effort taken in order to complete one just isn't worth it. You can earn more money elsewhere (Hydra for example)
  11. I mean it announces the rare drops in the chat box, Why do you want to know what junk you're getting? I mean I'm not against the idea think it'll be cool
  12. I'd relog when covid is over.
  13. I agree on all the above! Slayer is one of if not the most fun skill there is! It should be a good source of income
  14. Buff the drop table giving more money making items or even drop cash like hydra does now Either remove the minions completely but increase the health of nex a little Or lower the health of the minions Or keep it as it is but lower the HP of nex, speeding runs up
  15. It has been suggestion this type of idea before, unsure as to why they've not taken it into consideration tbh It's a +1 from me
  16. Mak3


    I agree, maybe introducing daily skilling achievements for cash or items?
  17. It's been a consistent issue for months
  18. Mak3

    Coin cape/ring

    Remove x2 drops from ring of bosses (Only have it x2 for coins/gold bags)
  19. The tax on the POS should have been included months ago when there was a influx in cash, This was when SOV X was going for nearly 1T. Now there is hardly any cash left, gamblers hoarding/leaving main reasons. Therefore the current tax will only effect the lower tiered people who struggle to make cash. The rich aren't going to use the POS. The item to cash ratio is terrible... That's why the POS gets flooded with the low tiered items worth less than a couple of B (The same items the lower tiered players will be selling)
  20. The value of the drops aren't worth anything cause of the drop rate they have inside boxes. Boxes are opened far too frequently making these type of item "Junk" This is another reason why you see everyone only camping the same NPC/Bosses, As they hardly drop items mainly cash or boxes.
  21. Mak3

    Merge $ scrolls

    Believe I've suggested/mentioned this before, I 100% agree though! It'll be so practical
  22. Just get rid of the tax, affects the poorer players more. It's the amount of items in the game that's the problem not the cash.
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