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  1. Lewis

    welcome mate enjoy your stay at simplicity
  2. nice video mate goodluck to everyone
  3. nice update guys good work
  4. Lewis

  5. Lewis

    nice mate should help few people out who dont know this event
  6. Lewis

    yeah i agree with athos, before they was hard to get so it was a problem but now theres npc's that drop them etc and alot more players so i think its fine now
  7. Lewis

    is hard to get good loot from this mini game lol
  8. Lewis

    nice loot looks cool
  9. Lewis

    welcome mate
  10. Lewis

    nice suggestion mate
  11. Lewis

    damm nice loot and alot of effort
  12. Lewis

    nice mate looks good
  13. Lewis

    doesnt say you are banned
  14. Lewis

    nice guide mate
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