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  1. Hey there friends, I'm posting my experience as a player who has been on this server for a total of 40 hours and would like to give my feedback/opinion/general discussion on the state of the economy of the server. The first day I joined this server, I was already at a plateau in terms of items/weapons. I was easily able to obtain all combat 99's, and after all this, I had a total of around 10m, with rune armor. I was stuck and couldn't understand how to make money, even when asking everyone what the best methods were. I then came to find out that the only way to break through this plateau is with the help of another playing 'kick starting' your bank with free gear or money. Personally I believe this evident of a very weak economy with no stimulation for lower income players. Next, the second sum of money I made was at ::cows when I got a sapphire box, selling for 10B. The only money I could make that was worth anything at this current time was done through the help of another player, and then done through a event where items are spawned and given out. This further solidifies the argument that the lower to medium economy can only run with handouts. Next, the income that I have accured over a week has been done through 2 x 50B in name donations a 1 x $10 donation and voting on 2 times a day and selling votes. Having a bank that is fueled solely by real world trading is unstable and not a long term goal. Things that I think can be done to fix, or slowly help the market: - Use the $1000's of dollars of donations that the server receives to pay someone to fix the bugs in the game. - Change drop rates of monsters to add a larger variety of items, more rares, and more expensive items. - Stop doing over the top drop parties that give every single player a box that serves as a lifeboat for their bank over the next 4-5 hours of gameplay. - MAKE SKILLING A VALUABLE INVESTMENT, RUNESCAPE IS ABOUT THE GRIND, AND TIME IS MONEY. - Change the income of AFK skills, to allow players to AFK for a 15-24 hour period and earn more than 1B, which is equivalent to 1M in OSRS (in my opinion). - Make a wider variety of items, armors and in-slots so that players aren't stuck climbing a tree with price gaps of 10B a piece (Pernix to Sag). - Make the middle class money making more reliable, not based of drops and free stuff given by the top players. - More expensive rares, and a wider variety; this will get the dead stock that everyone has in their bank (5+ Scythe's of each class) out into the market and will crash their prices, resulting in an influx of middle class players getting better items and being able to make more money doing bosses with these, which will result in a boost to the economy. - Make attaining gear more accessible, not done through extras like voting, donating, trivia points, tournament points. I am not trying to trigger anyone, I'm just stating my opinion and giving solutions that I believe may or may not help. I have invested a small amount of money into this server, and personally believe this investment should give more returns than a short burst of good items. - Fayde


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