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  1. Hey, so I was thinking about how the Completionist Cape is pretty useless right now and there are plans to buff it. So what if we could combine capes with it? Like a raids cape for example to give the same stats and 20% drop increase it gives. But you can only use 1 cape at a time of course and is simple to switch them out by using them on the completionist cape in inventory? or we could go another route and have it consume the raids cape or say corp cape for the bonuses and youd have to get another comp cape to combine another? Would be cool to see or some variant of the suggestion. Thanks, Alec
  2. or maybe even the coal bag? and it takes coal right out of it and you can preset it to fill from bank
  3. When you sip a 4 dose overload it gives you a 6 minute buff and a 6 minute timer. but when you sip an overload flask it gives you a 6 minute buff but a 5 minute timer. Just a little suggestion, thank you.
  4. Alec

    Ring of bosses

    I agree being able to see what you got for a drop would be nice
  5. Yea it would be, you're talking about the feature on osrs / osrs clients?
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