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  1. as a player looking to complete the Comp requirements now being forced to pk not going to lie i see there is two side to every rs game, pking and bossing , pking is the side i do not enjoy but i feel forced to pk or just always almost have comp i feel that the skilling needs are a lot but still understandable to make it an achievement but the pking has ruined it be sides that the wildy is rarely busy and i am sure due to that fact you may have people farming the kills witch i am guessing is against the rules. (fyi i have no kills as proof i haven't farmed any kills ) As i work in an office i would always tell my colleges to bring me solutions not problems. a possible way to fix this could be to remove the pking needed or even the kill streak and let the torny's count towards the kills needed for comp This has been left here by the onyx detonator known in game as Bradders99
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