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  1. yeah would be nice! great ideas would be a really cool shop seeing all this
  2. yeah or just the dyes for different items like for whips or staff of light, d boots, ... (mayby colour some new items)?
  3. Would it be good if you can buy more things with loyalty than titles? because after you got them all there isn't a lot of use for them left. Mayby a sort of loyalty point shop should be added for rewarding loyalty. a shop where you can mayby buy like 5$ with a lot of loyalty points like 100.000(not really calculated i'm not sure how the loyalty system works), it might be hard because afk accounts also get loyalty points for not really doing anything so i'm not sure yet on how to even that out. edit: or make a cosmetic shop for it, so you can save the points for cool looking cosmetic outfits (like the mime outfit, zombie outfit,... from the random events on rs) or just cool lookng items and weapons that don't really give amazing stats but are nice to show off.
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