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  1. Hello there! My name is Dutch men Dutch Men , I have been here for a bit now and i really enjoy this RSPS. Last week i maxed all my skills resulting into a max cape, now the following thing that hit me was there is a 'prestige' shop now i was thinking, NICE I CAN PRESTIGE. Sadly the prestige shop and dialogue was not exactly what i expected, the options are very limited, the rewards are meh.. My Suggestion I would like to see more options with prestiging, for example you have an list, 1st prestige 2nd prestige all the way up to 10th prestige Every prestige level shows an additional icon next to you're donator rank, maybe something like a star second level a star with a ring in it etc every level you prestige, so everytime you max out you're entire account untill level 2476 you can prestige, and every time you prestige you get points first prestige 100 points, second prestige 200 all the way up to 1000 points. - This has nothing to do with better rewards ingame i just would like to see more BRAGGing rights for the people who like to skill etc.- Kind regards, A maxed out player wanting to prestige
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