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  1. i agree teleports should be a lil quicker
  2. i agree wildy needs some tweaks
  3. I'd really like to see slayer get an overhaul. Like banning tasks. More rewards. Add expeditious bracelets. Also fix duo slayer so you stay in party.
  4. Here is some ideas i have been thinking on suggesting. ECO: 1. Make undesirables be sold to gen store for a little bit more money. 2. Or useable on altar( most drops are useless) General/QOL: 1. Cannon can be either upgraded or donor perk to load 90 cballs. 2. More notable items. 3. Notes section where you can add commands and click to use (will add more)
  5. Heck ya I only recently got back into it because the owner actually cares
  6. Hey guys I haven't formally introduced myself. I have been here since simplicity began and was one of the first handful of people to max xp and was a top donor I dig the community. Pm me in game guys.


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