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  1. I'm in two minds on this one, for one I think an incentive will definitely increase the amount of guides that we have, however I also feel that people will throw together a guide solely for the reward rather then seeing a need in game and taking it upon themselves to improve the communities experience with your knowledge on the subject. Thank you for the suggestion though
  2. They look awesome dude! hope business is going well!
  3. Nice luck! hope the RNG continues! havent started the grind for this pet yet!
  4. Great guide incher! appreciate the hard work this clearly took!
  5. Some really nice ideas here Spud. A few that have already been mentioned and have been approved, we hope to have some of these ideas in-game soon
  6. Welcome to Simplicity! I hope youre progressing well!
  7. Master Cut22


    Thank you for the suggestion, I can have the conversation with the owners about this being a possibility. The majority of our donator's pay via PayPal, it saves your card details and can be logged into via mobile. If you don't have this payment method I would highly recommend. (Obviously in this case, your card details are in the process of changing) Edit: After speaking to management, this service will most likely not be available in the future due to the cost of making this payment method available / demand for a payment method of this type.
  8. This topic will be brought back to the development teams attention for investigation.
  9. This issue will be looked into by the development team.
  10. Will be making sure these issues have been fixed / pass anything still needing attention to the development team.
  11. Having the potion boost save until you reach the boosted level will be considered by the staff team.
  12. This bug is being looked into and will be fixed if there is an issue.
  13. This bug has been passed onto the development team and we can hopefully get this fixed soon.
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