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  1. Hope to see you grinding for that comp cape once again enjoy the server man
  2. Hey man! Welcome feel free to join our ::discord (command ingame) and pm myself or any other staff member if you need help / have questions
  3. Thank you for taking the time to make this forum post. I will be sure to make a note of both the missing items and the unwearable ones to be fixed in the future. We will also take into consideration your suggestion for clue scroll drop table additions at a later date.
  4. Thanks for bringing this suggestion to our attention again with a bump, the staff team are considering its approval now.
  5. @Koodathere was a conversion from pkp to bm to take plae upon first login that didn't happen correctly, hopefully this conversion can be made and you wont lose out
  6. HUUUUGEEE UPDATE! haha love to see the bottom part of the log is fixes from the same exact update, testing went well and we managed to prevent a lot of bugs hitting the live server due to this! enjoy guys
  7. When sell / withdraw / deposit x is entered it should be remembered like it is on osrs settings - save input nice suggestions though
  8. you're a good egg Kooda
  9. Thanks for the support towards the server!
  10. Interesting achievement! Keep it coming.. People can use the post as a reference to expected loot after 1000 kills of monsters!
  11. +1 im sure it could be done
  12. I like the item suggestions for sure! making the slayer rewards worth it is a high priority for a lot of end game pvmers id assume as its a diverse skill killing lots of different things you may not be killing normally. +1
  13. +1
  14. completely agree with there being a lack of middle ground gear Foly, we need some suggestions as to what would be good to fill this void
  15. Nice post man, hopefully the zones can get some love!