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  1. ::bossevents is on the todo list, nice suggestions! #6 is a cache issue, go into your cdrive, users, name of current user, and delete 'simplicitycache' then reload your launcher. should fix the issue
  2. I hope you as a community feel that the staff team listens to what you have to say and our updates reflect this! If you have any further suggestions feel free to PM me on discord or find me in game! Cheers everyone! 13/03/19 - We managed to tick off 8 suggestions within todays update! 18/03/19 - 4 more ticked off!
  3. This was a fun update to test! we spent a lot of time making sure everything coming into the game was correct! we hope you enjoy!
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, added to the list
  5. Thanks incher and its good to see the devs responsing to this list, updates incoming I don't mind at all, the list is full of the communities thoughts and opinions, Id like to share it and it to become a 'go to' source for the developers when putting together an update!
  6. Updated the list. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please send me a pm over discord or find me ingame
  7. -1 I think Ironman mode should have the challenge of finding effigies and training the necessary stats in order to open them, rather than voting for xp.
  8. I agree there is a huge gap between tiers of weapons and armour definitely with melee and range weapons. I don't agree with cosmetics such as wings, the death cape in game is already enough imo. I do agree with putting the infernal eel into a boss drop table giving people a chance to upgrade their max cape without donation being the sole method. I agree with there being a demand for low/mid tier bosses too as I too would only suggest Zulrah to new players as a starter boss. Also high tier bosses could do with more variety too but there is always room to add new bosses in the future. Thanks for making the suggestions
  9. 1. Yeah like the idea of a superior hydra, more choice in superior pets cant be a bad thing I suppose! 2. I've also mentioned the boots of stone in my own suggestions ::thread 688 so agree. 3. Also mentioned in my thread so agree. 4. I think the ring of bosses special ability gives it its value and its nice for new players to have a drop rate boost for a cheap price, I would say the gap is a little small between them but nothing id really be worried about. 5. A red and black sort of style boss cape would look pretty sick if the devs are able to pull it off, providing hydras rare drops hold value I think this is a good idea. 6. I agree this is annoying when a boss regenerates health like this, perhaps there is a way to increase a timer that the boss isn't being attacked before it regenerates HP in order to compensate for possible lag. Thanks for your suggestions
  10. I agree its more of a bug within the screen modes but i'm not sure if you change it to be okay on one screen it would then be too high on another etc. With more urgent bugs and fixes to deal with I doubt that this will be fixed quickly but hope your topic has brought it to the developers attention for the future.
  11. I like the idea of a purpose to skill after 99 other than going for 2b xp. if the idea can be refined with details I think its a good foundation
  12. Support this
  13. straight to the point: - make hydra bones notable DONE - make drake bones notable DONE -allow hydra to give boss points DONE - allow players to be able to lure hydra over the pools to weaken and also avoid it regaining hp whilst not attacking - extend time on all NPC's it takes to regen health when not being attacked - make flasks decantable DONE - allow it to show when friends log in ' x has just logged in' though the pm chat - when an item is used on a bank, all of the same item within your inventory becomes noted (skilling purposes) DONE -allow Sagittarian to boost hp over 99 (like nex sets) - buff anguish stats without the ornament kit, for the price it has the same stats as split dragon tooth nec - give boots of brimstone some stats DONE - instance nex and corp NEX DONE - add group instancing for nex and corp so that more than one group can kill the boss - Ass noted overloads to ::dzone druid shop for double the price of un noted single pot -make overloads notable - make overloads tradable (can only be traded through pos at the moment) DONE - change the look of afk tree, its not Christmas DONE -buff dragon thownaxe price for gen store and make them useable. PRICE DONE -get rid of dragon thrownaxe rare drop announcement DONE -rename old school bond from demonics (new players get confused) -fix barrage timers -add monkey agility course as middle ground between barbarian and wildy courses -refine trivia store (keep the top row, guilded, coloured robin hood hats, charm box / add combat boxes and replace zammy spear for hasta) - rework clue scroll rewards, adding some unique rares only obtainable through clues crolls making them worthwhile -boss point store rework, adding combat boxes for 50 pts ea and reducing price of mbox and leg mbox (ALL STORES JUST NEED A DE-CLUTTER FROM USELESS STUFF!) - introduce some mid range melee weapons into the game, the jump between vorkath vine whip and scythe is too big -make wildy boss drop tables more desirable and introduce wildy keys (could be used on stone chest?) - add dragon hunter crossbow with damage effect on dragons DONE -add kodai wand to raids drop table -add stone keys to more bosses in the same way gold bags were added -trade chaotics in for dung tokens -add boss teleports page 3 to teleports interface for the bosses not on the list, make them more known and accessible for people wanting to try new things -add 10% xp skilling pet boost when its summoned whilst doing the skill ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS FEEL FREE TO POST IN THE COMMENTS------ Additional suggestions: -make hydras flame attack that constantly hits 1 damage stop when the boss dies - make protection prayers work on hydra - hydra - if flames go right up to the door when you enter it makes you run through the wall and the boss doesn't appear, can also have a chance of entering other peoples instances. - add rocktail fishing back to rogues castle or make move it to regular fishing spot, catherby spot isn't known at all so non donator players miss out on fishing rock tail DONE - add 2b xp capes (cosmetic or stats?) - make wyrm bones notable - make it so that we can scroll more of the cc list (players are being taken off the bottom so we cant see then (hard to moderate) -Add AFK tree in ::home2 so that it balances the lag (run on the same 6 hour location system as edgeville so they both swap at the same time) -Add ::zulrah or ::zul for zulrah tele - change the barrows minigame to have the brothers of their respective hills as NPC's ontop of the hill, dropping their own kind of barrows armour, this would increase activity there and would also be a good money maker for new players as they can now make box sets and have them sold for 40m at ::dzone druid -be able to gamble infernal capes for a chance at the pet - check inferno pet droprate and add it to zuk's droptable Discord Suggestions: - make it possible to create barrows set boxes DONE -add scoreboard to raids (maybe with highest number of raids by a party or best loots with date of drop?) https://gyazo.com/4ac374b8774aea9404a62a49d6e56c02 - take a look at range attack speeds (rune knives for example are not as fast as they should be) look into other weapons - real bank booth at raids so players can access pre-sets (or add function to the existing chest) - fix ::bossevents timers - clean up highscores section on website (separate different forms of ironman mode, 'HCIM' mode shows normal ironmen) -add HCIM mode (server announcement on death showing play time and total level) -add looting bag drop to help out UIM - create more methods to gain crafting xp (gems are the only method worth doing) -add elite clue scrolls (obtained through boss drops, all dig locations located in the wilderness) - add more magic well options for whips (reg=tent / tent=vine / vine=vorkath vine) - add more well options for boots (d boots=steadfast / ranger boots=glavians / infinity boots=ragefires) - make rogues castle skilling count towards achievements - trade in duplicate pets for a certain amount of xp -add mbox, lmbox clue scroll and crystal key drop tables to ::boxloots
  14. you have to run round the corner? just needs a lil bank chest next to the entrance