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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, I can have the conversation with the owners about this being a possibility. The majority of our donator's pay via PayPal, it saves your card details and can be logged into via mobile. If you don't have this payment method I would highly recommend. (Obviously in this case, your card details are in the process of changing) Edit: After speaking to management, this service will most likely not be available in the future due to the cost of making this payment method available / demand for a payment method of this type.
  2. I will put this suggestion to the staff team and see if we cant get this approved and implemented into the game soon.
  3. I agree, a Wiki is always a useful tool, if we are able to get the right informative people involved with this kind of thing reach out to us I'd love to see it on Simplicity
  4. Hi

    Welcome to the server
  5. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will be looking into the issue and will hopefully have this resolved. If you have any other bugs/suggestions, feel free to PM me or make a forums thread here Happy Gaming
  6. skeletal mystics are still in the wilderness, the location has just changed to spider hill near the wildywyrm spawn location. The old location was too safe for the loot you could receive.
  7. Nice one! #Team2incher
  8. Nice one mate!
  9. Monsters and Milestones Use ‘::finddrop NPC Name’ to see their drop-tables. Do ::benefits in-game to see our donator benefits. Max Zone via Arthur’s Dream Statue @::home (maxed accounts) Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld Derwen Bronze Donator Rank (::di/::dzone) Green Dragon Frost Dragon Abyssal Demon Glacor Tormented Demon Barrelchest King Back Dragon Bork Phoenix Lizardman Shaman Diamond Demon Emerald Donator Rank Night Beasts (::nightbeast) Onyx Donator Rank (::ohall) Derwen Night Beast King Kurask Unholy Cursebearer Master Lewis Zamorak Dro Superior Arthur Porazdir Crystal Donator Rank (::crystal) Fairy Ring: Night Beast Statue of Axemurdera: Lizardman Brute Statue of Risen Siren: Stone Guardian Boss Area: Porazdir Dawn Ankou Enjoy the bossing!
  10. Great guide bro! Very detailed! 👌
  11. +1 I'd love to grow this idea and eventually become reality, it would take a lot of work! but id like to see barrows revived good effort on the post, I can see a lot of work went into it!
  12. loved testing this update, so many QOL and much needed additions for a more enjoyable time skilling and more!
  13. Hope you're enjoying the game man!
  14. Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to see this feature in-game, not sure how much coding it would require but definitely possible! The staff team will review your suggestion and move it to the relevant section soon.
  15. I'm all for adding content to slayer as its a favoured skill by many! Thanks for your suggestion, the staff team will come to a decision shortly