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  1. Supremesilk

    Dung changes

    I really feel like dung should have a complete make over, its really buggy for me and becomes annoying after 10minutes in, the set up of the floors etc, i believe dung should be taken away and remade with something more practical and bug free
  2. Hey just two suggestions i suppose could help even the playing fields for pkers skillers etc. 1. The Runecrafter outfit to be modified to withstand the damage from Energy sources, as well as putting few extra items in energy fragments store 2. Heat map, so this idea is to even the playing fields when in wildy, when activating a command, a tab opens in your web browser with a live map which allocates heat signals ( red dots) marking there could be someone at that locations, this will allow pkers to hunt a bit more easier, but alos allows skillers to be on alert fork heat movements heading towards them. Consider red dots being players in wildy and blue dots being players outside of wildy, with this idea it will give new players a chance to not be eliminated so easily in the wild while trying to earn some loot. but of course there could be more add to this idea and I'm interested in your opinions


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