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  1. Aiiiight guys, I wasn't gonna do a staff review, but considering recent events I feel like it's needed. In general, the staff team is doing great. I will also give general server feedback, as I feel this is necessary. I hope it helps 😃 Owner Arthur For both owners, I do not have a lot to say, as I have not seen them much ingame. I can imagine there is plenty to do on the background tho, so I can understand this. One piece of feedback for Arthur would be to be more elaborate on update posts. It can be quite frustrating to experience certain item changes without them being notified in bug posts, like HCX range got nerfed, or the current stats on anguish (or) Supreme Co-Owner Kevin Straight up, no bullshit. Problem? fixed. Any time I hit up Kevin, straight answers and knows that sometimes it's better not to respond to trolls. Just... Getrekt Manager Lewis Havent seen active much, but whenever he is online issues are taken seriously and handled with adequacy. Dutch I did not see Dutch in original post but he deserves a place here. Dutch is always helpful, even for stupid questions asked in cc. If he's on, anything I need help with is on his plate! Great guy. Global Administrator Justin Haven't seen him around or asked him to help a lot, but he assisted in making this post possible. Thank you. Athos I honestly have no idea. Perhaps different time zones or w/e Administrator Khalid Khalid's job is to bring money in, and this is extremely clear. Whenever he is online, a lot of goodiebags are on, and you can pm with issues, he will assist properly, yet he does not read clan chat or participate. I would suggest at least reading clan chat to see what's going on, and maybe chill a bit on the goodiebags? It makes the server feel really pay 2 win, while this doesn't have to be the case. Mak3 In general, Mak seems to aid well, answers stupid questions as well, solid knowledge about the server. Shiftynex Shiftynex does his job very well. On point answers, good guidelines and perfect punctuation. Like Rick says, lets get Shifty. Global Moderator Rapiid ags FFA/TOURNY PLS. Solid staff member, helps out when needed. Bernard Bernard always lets people know when he's online, so people know who to reach out for. Proper assistance and takes time to understand the situation. Props Moderator Cody Haven't had much conversations with Cody, but he's picked up well whenever I talked to him. Not much more to say Pixie Joe Pixie puts in effort like no other. Even when the issues go beyond what she can do, she'll go the extra mile to make sure everything is resolved and that you won't have to worry. Really appreciated. Server Support Ace Abe For both Ace and Abe, I have not encountered much so no feedback to give yet. Trial Support Fastneasy Not too much to say, answers questions asked fast n easy tho 😛 Neon Same as for Fastneasy, not too many encounters but seems helpful Tineepockets Tineee... I originally had nothing to say about as I had no encounters. However after saying the word 'shit' he felt it was necessary to mute me, which just comes across as abuse of power (you know we dont like that shit...). No time frame was stated. After connecting other staff the mute was lifted, as it was not justified. This ethic does not seem staff worthy to me. Forum Manager - Forum Moderator - Simplicity Aiiiight so server concept is amazing, simple and easy playstyle. However, I feel the main way bugs and glitches are treated is not the way to go. When an issue arises, usually the players are 'punished' by disabling whatever causes the bugs, and a quickfix is released after one or two days. Recent updates make it come across as if the game was not tested after the fixes, and more and more bugs arise. This results in more bosses being disabled, which really takes the fun out of the game. I think the server could greatly improve on developers/bugfixing. As a player, I especially feel this way due to the amount of donations we see coming in. This makes me expect the server should have the money to maintain good quality. These bugs and issues also cause a great weight on the staff team, having to resolve any issues caused, answering all the questions that people have regarding the bugs besides their regular duties, while not being able to properly fix it. I also realize people will always complain, and there is never a one size fits all solution. I do argue, however, that the base of the game should be stable. The last thing I'm gonna say is the staff team works hard, and assists well. Very much appreciated, so thank you all for doing it. Keep up the good work guys!


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