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  1. Eboy111

    POS Idea

    There has been plenty of discussion about how the eco is this, and the eco is that. I was thinking, to help somewhat stabilize the eco would it be a good idea to have an items history setup? I.E: If I look up the history of let's say a Twisted Bow or an SOV. I would be able to see the last month of sales of the item and how much it's gone up or down. I know there is a History section on the POS Manager at the moment but I don't think it's working, and when it was I think it only showed your own history. I believe that the ::poshistory command works but it only shows what I have sold. Let me know what you think!
  2. Good suggestions Liquid! Suggestion on the lending (Might be a silly one being only 2 days old to Simplicity so apologies if it is!). -Only allow lending to players in a ::lending zone. -Can be set to a time limit as previously suggested, or leave the gear locked to ::lending. When you teleport out it goes back to original owner depending on difficulty of development for this. -While in ::lending there are dummies for testing gear combos, different monsters etc... Catch is that the monsters don't drop anything, or maybe have it so that they are locked to only dropping coins and bones? -Unsure if there will be much issue about the skill levels for new players while in ::lending. Will this cause issues with the community high scores?
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