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  1. You have so much patience man. I can't do that type of organisation.. Kudos to you for that man!
  2. Well written and good ideas thrown to the table. +1 for this.
  3. Nice work on the guide! Looks amazing!
  4. Nice work on this! I have featured and pinned this to the guides
  5. And People say it's hard to make money on Simp... ^ 10 days to roughly get 430b. Seems just fine to me
  6. Welcome to the game @ Visecs I have seen you in game a few times before but officially welcome to Simp! If you need anything let someone in Staff know
  7. Moved to Community Media. Good luck on your Journey @ AVP !!
  8. Hi @ Big_orsey , If you would like to discuss something like returning an item you bought from the donator shop already please discuss something like this with a Donation manager in-game. I don't believe this will be possible however but it may be worthwhile having a chat with one. At the moment the Donation Manager online is Lewis.
  9. I believe this has been sorted @ Sleepinwmy9
  10. Hi @ Big_orsey The command you are entering for deals are incorrect. You need to type ::ddeals (Two 'D's) That command in-game will lead you here: For the ::benefits page it's only purpose is to show you the specific benefits you get at each Donation Rank. The scrolls people are referring to can be obtained specifically by the following: -Purchase with in-game gold. I believe the price is anywhere between 4b-6b per $10 scroll. Either via manual trade to player or from the Player Owned Shop "POS" found at ::home bank. -Purchase with Donator points at 20 Points each $10 scroll from the Donator 2 shop at ::home bank. -Random gifts from boxes. Use ::boxloots in-game to find out which boxes drop what items. If you have any other questions, let me know.
  11. As the above two said type ::ddeals ingame to see latest deals. While in game also type ::benefits @ Big_orsey
  12. I like this idea it will be helpful
  13. Looking slick my man! Looks like something a druid or elf would use
  14. There have been many suggestions about this in the last few months about the eco / not enough cash going around. Right now the eco is as it is but may be improved in the future with updates and new content.
  15. Welcome back @ Victor Will see you around in game and hopefully this time you stick around!
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