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  1. thank you liquids, very cool!
  2. Him

    PvM Overhaul

    Really good idea should really help keep the new players in instead of them quitting after a day or two.
  3. Him


    not really a fashionscape guy but hey it expands the creativity so I don't see why not.
  4. I also think is is a good idea, hope this gets implemented soon 👍
  5. maxed today gg
  6. time to be active unlike me ecks dee
  7. Him the 13 year old here I've played OSRS for almost 2 years but never played the original OSRS, got into this server cause after my membership ended on OSRS I was like "not making money fast me need st0nk" and now im here i'm also on ORSC (classic runescape server) you'll find me as He but anyways you'll mainly see me at Edgeville, Afkzone, donator zone, and in any skill training area (until I max) uh idk what to put here other than personality stuff and some other stuff idfk very fun facts about pea brain kid I suck at pk'ing I suck at bossing My store is constantly full of junk Born and currently in venezuela Learned english from tv and classes I'm in the discord My bday is on December 22nd I was born in 2006 ok did I get too personal I have anger management issues ok i think thats all ok idk
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