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  1. @ Gnik Took you long enough Gz!
  2. I always felt spears could be such a nice weapon to play around with in RS.
  3. Spear looks the best
  4. Heroic


    I'd like to see a skilling boss and/or daily tasks for rewards.
  5. This has that old school feel to it. Nice!
  6. Thanks for the promoooo. Congratulations to everyone else who got promoted too!
  7. Loot's okay, rip on that pet tho
  8. Me looking at this promotion. Jk loveya, welcome back. ❤️
  9. Heroic

    Bank Booth

    Honestly idk, but "spawning" one bank booth should prolly be easier than adding to ::preset to donator perks. But as I said, I have no clue
  10. Yep, it'd be nice if PC could become some sort of moneymaker.
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