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  1. I think this might be a nice idea. The prices should just be really high, so that you'd never be able to make more money on your reg account from buying stuff from this shop and then droptrading it. And I wouldn't add boxes to a shop like this either. This shop would mean that even if you get really unlucky while bossing, you could still obtain better gear by getting money, that's why I like it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Yeah, that first crystal phase is tedious. I'd say the time you spend waiting should either be shortened or partly replaced by adding time to the killing phases but removing time from the crystal drop phase.
  3. Heroic


    Yeah I'd like this pet too.
  4. Nice boi! I'm trying to make my own collection too and I'm jealous
  5. I would love to see skilling become more profitable in general. So something like this would defo get my +1!
  6. Welcomeeeeeeee 🥳
  7. Now I finally know who you are!
  8. Fixed the gate doors at edge dungeon. Yeeeeet, thanks! 😍
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