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    wow trill i love you so much. biggest gamer of the year 2021
  2. Owner Arthur- Have known this man since I started playing this new release of simplicity and he is always actively listening to players and has gotten this server to a new level that I never think I would've seen. When I used to play he was always responding to problems and actively helping out the community in any way possible. Supreme- Same as Arthur although i didn't talk to him as much as Arthur. Always used to see him on actively helping grow this server and rsps community as a whole. Kevin aka no namer - Oh dear, back when I used to play some of my best memories were pking with divforces, kevin, and the crew. Kevin has been active since day one and even though he hasn't always been staff he has always helped out the server in many ways. Even though he has had me banned in the past it was all for the good of the server and its growth. He's been working extremely hard on keeping this game growing and continuously improving. <3 luv u Bernard- Also oh dear, I've seen Bernard cleaned more times than I can count, but like herpes, he always will come back(; But in all seriousness, Bernie has a ton of care for this server and is always willing to help out the community. Lewis- Lewis was here for me when shit hit the fan with my ban and took all the hard evidence into account and was never rash with any decision, always calculated. Another OG I hope is around for a very long time. Foly- just cause you told me not to do this Heroic- Also another homeboy that used to play when I was more active. One of the best people I have met here and always has great ideas and improvements from the server and an extremely valuable addition to the team. Liquids Great dude I've known for a while and also has extremely great ideas for pvm re works and y'all should listen so we as a community can fix the state of pvm and help the overall economy


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