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  1. that removes the sole purpose of pking, there is no reward for pking as it is this just makes it 100% useless.. might as well remove wildy but thats me
  2. Gnik


    what lol, osrs has callisto, chaos fanatic, rev cave etc all of them are fairly good money makers and they have rare drops... atleast it gets people into the wildy and people will end up going to kill the people trying to kill pvmers.
  3. pretty good loot there tbf
  4. Gnik


    agree with the post, also on top can we also update wilderness keys and maybe add more chests around the wilderness... +1 besides that
  5. do ::ddeals ingame and ::di to go donator zone not ::zone, also selling in names you can get quite a lot of gp ❤️
  6. Gnik

    Only me AVP!

    ah basketball wasnt popular in my school at all lol mainly football/badminton
  7. Gnik

    Only me AVP!

    welcome what made you get into basketball? haha
  8. i think the boss point shop needs revamping completely tbh lol i kinda agree tho
  9. woooooooooooooooooo make trump good again wait wat
  10. hmmmm would need more benefits to it i think besides a drop rate also would there be like a well to throw money in to help cure
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